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Microsoft 365

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The pressure on organisations to recruit and retain the best people is increasing. To work effectively and profitably, today's workforce require tools to streamline collaboration, to empower flexible and remote working, and to be protected from internal and external threats. 

Many organisations are finding they're struggling with multiple solutions, stand-alone apps and legacy platforms, further complicating the very problems they're trying to solve.  

Key Business Requirements 

Admin hours a month by business owners
Cyber attacks targeting businesses of under 100 users
Microsoft Teams Users
Get More Done

Microsoft 365 comes with enterprise grade email, and a 50 GB mailbox. With 1 TB of online OneDrive file storage, files can be shared from anywhere and any device, whether at work, at home or on the go. Office apps work together, helping increase your productivity and grow your business with confidence.

New Features 

Recommendation tools, for example Designer in PowerPoint, automatically recommends slide designs based on your content, without you having to build the slide, helping you create your best work, saving you precious time and effort.

With this sort of power at their fingertips, your people can work, meet, share, edit, save, and collaborate.

Crash Course in M365
Achieve More in Your Business

Integrated security, management and productivity solution – all in one.

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All Together Now

Teams is the hub that brings together all your people's chats, meetings, files, and apps, making it easier for you to collaborate and keep track of group projects.

With state of the art co-authoring capabilities, you can share and edit your files in real-time with your team from anywhere any device

Host Online Meetings

Whether it's with people inside or outside your organisation, get work done in real-time, record meetings and use the whiteboard, to draw out ideas and work together to solve challenges.

By providing your business a central repository that your team can collaborate around, Microsoft Teams greatly simplifies and enhances group collaboration. It helps increasing efficiency by helping your employees and customers get things done faster

Making Teamwork Work

Download our ebook to learn about getting multi-generational teams to work better together.

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Secure Your Business

Technology gives you the ability to access data and to carry it with you on a laptop or a mobile phone, however this exposes you to risk.  Simplified device management empowers you to take advantage of the enterprise-level security features of Windows 10 Pro, by taking a layered approach to security.   

Security with M365
Securely Run and Grow Your Business

The business savvy way to reduce risk

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