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User education and awareness of cyber security is more important today than it ever has been before, the primary (and arguably the most insidious) threat our users face today is from phishing emails that entice us to give away information or access that we wouldn’t normally do.

A high percentage of ransomware and data breaches that have occurred over the past few years have been initiated by phishing emails and/or websites. Many of these incidents were avoidable had the users either known what to look out for or had been slightly more diligent – it’s easy to react automatically to things when we are busy. 

Ensuring your users are not only trained but continually schooled in spotting the signs of phishing emails and thinking twice before they click that urgent, if unusual, message from the Charman is vital. 

User awareness is not only limited to email security though, users also need to have awareness of data handling best practices, understanding how to share sensitive information securely, verifying it is being shared with the correct person and understanding how to report any data related incidents.

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Solutions that can Help your Business with Engagement & Training 

Phishing Simulations 

Running simulated phishing email campaigns within your business such as Sophos Phish threat provides your users with real-world experience of phishing but without risking harm 

Data handling Training 

Modern businesses have multiple forms of data today and it is handled in any number of different ways, ensuring that your users understand the correct and incorrect ways to safely handle data is essential. Training platforms educate users on this aspect of cyber security is also a key requirement. 

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