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Having a well-managed asset inventory enables organisations to attain a valid awareness of the assets that they should have, and when used in conjunction with security assessments such as vulnerability tests or network discovery software it is possible to rationalise and understand assets that have not been accounted for or should not be there.

Having a clear picture of your asset inventory also makes it easier to understand the elements that comprise your mission critical services and any service dependencies they may have so they can be prioritised. 

One of the keys to maintaining cyber security is to minimise your risk profiles, asset management can help with this by allowing you to identify elements that are no longer supported, or you no longer need and either segment or remove them to reduce your risk exposure.

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Solutions that can Help your Business with Asset Management

Device Management

Managing the devices that your users use to access and process your valuable data is more important than ever in the mobile-cloud era. Devices are no longer contained securely within your network perimeter, in variably they are now dispersed and having an effective means to effectively manage them via solutions such as MS Endpoint Manager or Datto RMM.

Device Discovery 

How can you effectively implement defences and controls for your environment if you are not aware of the types of devices that are being connected? Utilisation of products and technologies that allow you to effectively audit the devices connected to your environment, (e.g. Forescout and MS Defender for Cloud and IoT), allow you to ensure that connected devices are being managed and that if unmanaged devices are being connected, you can manage how that happens so as not to compromise your secure systems.

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