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Issue #31

Newsletter - July 2023



Cyber Security Incident Management

Adam outlines the key areas of incident management and how it is crucial for understanding the scope and severity of a cyber attack, managing the response effectively, and ensuring a speedy recovery.
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ESG vs Budgets

Discover how technology can help you build a sustainable, resilient organisation, while driving operational costs down.

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Supply Chain Management and Procurement in Healthcare

Don explains the key areas organisations need to consider to navigate the complex NHS procurement landscape effectively.

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Vaccination UK

Learn how Vaccination UK partnered with Chess ICT to revolutionise their immunisation services, adopting cutting-edge technology like e-consent platforms, cyber security solutions, and device refreshes, resulting in safer, more efficient healthcare for over a million children across England.

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Cyber Month in Review: July 2023

Jack reviews the latest cyber security news and advises how to protect your data. 

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