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Issue #25

Newsletter - January 2023



Digital Transformation for Business Resilience

Find out how technology can help you weather the economic storm and make your organisation more resilient to the changing business environment.
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Manage Cyber Risk

Adam Gleeson, Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, explains what risk management is and why it is important for businesses that are looking to increase their cyber security.


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Wellbeing Week 2023

Grace Ingham, Head of People Support at Chess, discusses Wellbeing Week and how it gives us the opportunity to educate, guide and inspire our people and give them a head start for the year.


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Five Reasons to Upgrade Devices

Carla Mattingley, Device Solutions Consultant at Chess, outlines the top reasons why businesses should consider upgrading their devices, and how these upgrades can help them achieve their goals.

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Cyber Month in Review: January 2023

Jack Smallpage, ISO at Chess, reviews Royal Mail Cyber Attack, Avast Ransomware Decryptor, Juniper OS DoS Vulnerability, CircleCI Breach, Cisco XLL Alert, Exchange 2013 Server End of Support, and Git Critical Fixes.

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