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Issue #26

Newsletter - February 2023



Protect Against Phishing with Engagement and Training

Adam Gleeson, Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, discusses the threat businesses face from phishing and offers advice on how engagement and training can help protect against this threat.
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SharePoint 2013 End of Life

Andrew Walker, Digital Sales Specialist, explains how SharePoint 2013 going end of life affects organisations.


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Step Challenge 2023

Tim Wilkinson-Hall, Head of Knowledge and Culture, covers how our people got future fit in January with a step challenge that raised money to support mental health charity, MIND.

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Public Sector Frameworks

Jo Austin, Commercial Bid Lead, discusses the benefits of procuring through frameworks and how they can make the process easier, reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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Cyber Month in Review: February 2023

Jack Smallpage, ISO at Chess, reviews ESXiArgs Ransomware, Clam Antivirus Remote Code Execution, Apple Zeroday, GoAnywhere Zeroday, OpenSSL Updates, and QNAP Critical Bug.

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