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Issue #28

Newsletter - April 2023



The Cost of Security, The Finance Director's Handbook

Tom Davies, Finance Director at Chess, reviews the cost of cyber security and why it should be a priority for CFOs and Finance Directors.
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Legacy Systems

Don McIntyre, Consultant at Chess, discusses how unpatched legacy systems can be the biggest cybersecurity risk for organisations and how to mitigate the risk.

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Earth Day 2023

Stephen Dracup, Chief Operating Officer at Chess, covers how our people played their part for Earth Day and outlines ESG at Chess.

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Architecture and Configuration

Adam Gleeson, Cyber Security Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, discusses how to build cyber security into your organisation from the ground up, using systems and processes.

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Cyber Month in Review: April 2023

Jack reviews the latest cyber security news and advises how to protect your data. He covers: 

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