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In this series, we discuss with our partner Forescout, if the culture of Ransomware has changed, what is Defence in Depth, and how to pitch Cybersecurity to the board.

Join our experts who: 

  • Discuss the cost of Ransomware: possible threats and incidents 
  • The basics of security and Defence in Depth
  • Impacts of the COVID world and business continuity
  • Preventative maintenance and how to get board buy in

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Sophos 2021 Threat Report

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Sophos MTR – Cybersecurity Evolved


Gavin Wood, Chess, CTO

Gavin Wood is the Chief Technology Officer at Chess. With over 20 years in the IT industry, Gavin has a track record of driving successful business transformation through technology.

Tim Parkins, Forescout, Strategic Account Manager

Tim Parkins is a Strategic Account Manager at Forescout. With 15 years working in security, Tim specialises in segmentation and risk management.

Matt Stephenson, Forescout, Snr Content Manager

Matt Stephenson is a Senior Content Manager at Forescout. With 21 years in the IT and Tech industry, Matt pulls together his knowledge and love of storytelling to bring excitement into the cybersecurity space.