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With a steep rise in supply chain cyberattacks, businesses are growing more and more concerned at how they can secure their infrastructure and ensure their data, systems and networks aren’t compromised.   ​​

The supply chain is constantly evolving, and businesses are finding it harder to control. Although, with significant technology advancements there are many challenges which can be solved in today’s new world. 

Watch this webinar with Gilbert McHarg and Dan Cooper, Consultants at Chess, to see how you can secure and optimise your supply chain. 

We cover: 

  • Common supply chain challenges and their solutions
  • How to reduce risk and secure your supply chain with Microsoft
  • How to drive efficiencies with Sage
  • How to make systems and technology work seamlessly 

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Dan Cooper, Consultant at Chess.

Dan Cooper, Cloud and Security Consultant at Chess, boasts more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He consults our largest customers from both the public and private sector. Able to work within highly regulated industries, he has experience in working towards and within ISO 27001 and PCI DSS environments, achieving high levels of compliance and security.


Gilbert McHarg, Consultant at Chess. 

Gilbert, Sage Consultant at Chess, has years of experience working with Sage software, gained at both Sage UKI and within the Sage UKI Business Partner channel. He helps our customers improve and grow their business through the use of Sage Business applications, Specialising in Sage 200.



Whitepaper: 6 supply chain challenges and their solutions

Whitepaper: 6 supply chain challenges and their solutions

Read this whitepaper to learn how gaining awareness of some the most common supply chain challenges, can save time and ensure faster adoption in an ever-changing landscape.

Optimising and securing the supply chain

Optimising and securing the supply chain

How the supply chain is evolving: The changing state, challenges and solutions. In this article Paul Gibbons, Cloud Services Sales Manager at Chess covers: The rise of supply chain attacks, supply chain evolution and solutions to help your supply chain run smoothly.