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Looking for guidance around the Data Security and Protection Toolkit?

Cybersecurity resilience remains crucial to the Healthcare sector even during the COVID 19 pandemic period. However, considering current events, the deadline for completing the Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit has been pushed to 30 September 2020¹.

Chess understands that the NHS must stay agile and adapt to changing environments, and this is no different when faced with new compliance standards set within the DSP Toolkit. We partnered with Thycotic to help simplify your compliance journey.

Securing privileged access has never been more important. Detailed within 10 data security standards including password length, regular rotation and ensuring you can actively create policies and auditing reports to meet the new standard are just a few examples of the new challenges NHS Trusts face today.

Privileged account passwords are a prime target for hackers and one of the biggest cybersecurity risks in healthcare, which is why *91% of healthcare organisations consider Privileged Access Management a high priority.

However, it is alarming to discover that nearly two-thirds still rely on manual methods to manage privileged accounts, with only one in ten having implemented an automated solution. Come to terms with the new and normalise this safer way of working as you begin your Privilege Access journey.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Privileged Access can help you on your journey to compliance with the DSP Toolkit.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • How to minimise the access to sensitive privileged credentials
  • See how you can centrally manage all your privileged credentials, providing an audit trail of all privileged activity
  • View recordings of privileged sessions for real-time viewing or later playback for offline analysis and investigation
  • How you can start to discover all your privileged passwords and change them from their default passwords
  • Meet password security compliance, including regular privileged password rotation and complexity requirements
  • How you can grant 3rd parties time-limited access to your systems securely without the need to provide them with privileged passwords.

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Security Resources

The State of Privileged Account Management in Healthcare Report

The State of Privileged Account Management in Healthcare Report

While 91% of healthcare institutions consider Privileged Account Management security a high priority, nearly two-thirds still rely on manual methods to manage privileged accounts and only one in ten have implemented an automated commercial solution.

Managed Security Services: What you need to know

Managed Security Services: What you need to know

The rise of remote working makes protecting endpoints more difficult. Many companies have created vulnerabilities in their networks. Often infections can go undetected for days and weeks, costing you thousands not only in lost revenue and customers but also in reputational damages.

Business Tips: #2 Your Cybersecurity

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If you are allowing devices to connect from people’s houses – it's possible that these networks have already been compromised by hackers or will be in the future. Implementing two-factor authentication, where another device like a mobile phone is used for extra security is the most important security measure that can be applied to systems.