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Cloud Security for Microsoft 365

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When this Head of IT at an NHS trust needed an independent, professional Security Assessment to test the integrity of the enterprise’s Microsoft 365 infrastructure, they knew from experience that Chess was the right firm for the job.

The Business Challenge

As the organisation prepared to undertake Cyber Essentials Plus, their key requirement was for a Security Provider who could take a tailored approach built around this organisation’s specific needs, who would respond quickly and reliably as required and who could get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Importantly, by using a security provider they could trust to conduct the Security Assessment, the Head of IT knew he could have confidence in their subsequent decision making. They summarise the trust in the service with the words: “Simply, I wouldn’t use Chess if they didn’t consistently deliver value”.

Required Solution

Part of the planned, ongoing Security Programme was to undertake Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, which in turn required the NHS organisation to have a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Having implemented Microsoft 365 across the network some years earlier, the organisation had since moved to a new managed service provider.

As a result, the Head of IT now needed a professional, independent Security Assessment of the organisation’s current Microsoft 365 environment.

The Result

Chess worked with the NHS organisation first to define the scope of the Security Assessment and then to tailor a standard service offering so that it met their specific requirement.

Throughout the engagement, Chess were responsive, acted quickly, were consistently flexible and delivered real, tangible value.

For the NHS Trust, the results of the Security Assessment meant that Microsoft 365 could be opened up and used to its full potential across the organisation safely and securely for the benefit of both staff and patients.

“Having used Chess before in a previous Head of IT role, I had no hesitation in engaging them again to assist us with our security needs. Simply, I wouldn’t use them if they didn’t consistently deliver value”.


Summary Outcome

All Heads of IT need the confidence of knowing exactly what the status of their security posture is. Being informed in this way:

  1. Helps them confirm that completed security projects have delivered value
  2. Provides them with assurance that planned security projects are still relevant and appropriate
  3. Allows them to identify areas that need to be addressed and improved.

By working with Chess, the organisation benefited across all three areas, which meant also that subsequent decisions could be made from a position of confidence.

"Working with Chess was easy and straightforward. They worked with us to define the engagement, using their best practice experience to guide us in determining the correct scope of our Security Assessment. They also focussed on meeting our actual requirements by tailoring what was normally a standard service to meet our bespoke needs."

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