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Calvin Capital is a leading owner and manager of essential energy infrastructure assets. It’s a highly competitive and forward- thinking organisation, and a significant player in the market that’s creating cleaner and more sustainable energy accessible by all.
Calvin Capital and Chess have worked successfully over a number of years, with Calvin benefiting from expertise across Chess' whole range of technology knowledge and expertise.
From day to day support to large scale, business critical projects, Calvin rely on Chess to help them connect people, protect their data and grow their business.

The Business Challenge

Calvin Capital are continuously looking for ways to improve their operational efficiency, technical capability and profitability.

Nadeem Shafi, Head of IT at Calvin Capital, has a clear vision to drive and support the business move to the modern workplace, which includes supplying Calvin Capital’s people with devices they enjoy using, office applications and platforms that help them collaborate efficiently and meeting rooms equipped with video and audio conference technology.

As the reliance on technology increases, so does the need for IT expertise to ensure the smooth running of the organisation on a day to day basis and dedicated skills to help roll out specific projects, all protected with robust security measures. 

The Solution

Having worked with Chess for over three years, Calvin Capital were confident in awarding them a renewed contract to supply Managed Services support.

This gives Nadeem and his team additional resource to call on when supporting their people on a day-to-day basis. When renewing the contract, Nadeem specified that the Technical Architect days should be split, giving the organisation access to a wide range of skills, including the dedicated Digital team, whose expertise include Sharepoint, Web and App development.

Chess carried out a M365 Security Assessment, to help Calvin implement best security practices with Microsoft 365. This included a Secure Score Review, and a gap analysis, which highlights areas to focus on.

Nadeem and Chess explored how security features within Microsoft could help keep company data secure, and the company are now rolling out a migration to M365 E5 licences for all their people.

Equipping people with Microsoft Surface Pros mean that the team have devices that they enjoy using, and that have all the functionality they need to perform effectively, collaborating successfully and helping drive productivity.

Chess continued their support with Calvin’s telephony system. After a quick review of their current system, the Chess team set up the unified communications platform Teams Voice, enabling Calvin’s staff to communicate seamlessly from anywhere via Teams.

The Outcome

Nadeem and his team work closely with Chess on a day to day basis, as well as on individual projects, to help ensure the company’s short, medium and long term objectives can be met.

Nadeem Shafi , Calvin Capital’s Head of IT explains:

 ‘We have a very open and productive relationship with Chess, and they’re always really responsive when we have questions or suggestions’

‘Being able to tap into knowledge and expertise that we trust across a wide range of technologies really helps us to keep moving forward. It’s a real partnership.’

"Being able to tap into knowledge and expertise that we trust across a wide range of technologies really helps us to keep moving forward. It’s a real partnership"

Nadeem Shafi, Head of IT, Calvin Capital

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