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Sophos Central X
Advanced for Endpoint
and Servers

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Buckinghamshire Council is a single unitary council that replaced Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe District Councils in April 2020.

The Business Challenge

Buckinghamshire Council first started their provision of Sophos services through Chess in 2005. As an existing customer, the requirement was to renew the current 5 year Sophos service. With a newly appointed Technical Team Leader, the challenge was to get the best commercial offering for the schools Buckinghamshire Council provide.   

Throughout this process Buckinghamshire Council wanted to look at what had changed or been updated within the last 5 years. So, they looked to Chess and their own research to gain guidance and advice on how to improve their current offering and provision. Simon Hobdell, Technical Team Leader, stated that Chess is their ‘go-to company’ for this support.   

The main business challenge Buckinghamshire Council encounter is ensuring security within schools. This means there is a constant requirement to maintain the security offering to the schools they provide and that it is up to date and secure. 

The Solution

Over the years spent with Chess, Buckinghamshire Council has moved from Sophos Enterprise to Sophos Central, and then Sophos Intercept X. The most recent renewal has now led them to purchase Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced for Endpoints and Servers to encompass their growing requirements to the challenges they were facing. 

Being a local government organisation Buckinghamshire Council had budget constraints to consider. Chess were able to help support on ensuring these budgets were met. Meaning Buckinghamshire Council and the schools they provide could access the best offering at the right commercials.

The Outcome

With the implementation of Sophos Intercept Advanced, Buckinghamshire Council has been able to go out to all schools and communicate the new technological advances. In addition, Buckinghamshire Council knew that some schools had a pre-existing Sophos Enterprise solution in place, and they have been able to move them on to Sophos Intercept X Advanced.  

Initially, Buckinghamshire Council looked at purchasing 30,000 licenses for their schools. However, with the support of Chess, they were able to purchase just over 40,000 licenses within the commercials required. This has also given them the advantage of offering schools a solution at a cost that other providers can’t match.  

Chess have added value by providing a consultative approach and managing the commercials between Buckinghamshire Council and Sophos to provide an unmatched price point for their schools. This further ensures that schools can access these solutions and be protected and secure.

"Chess are always there to help. Being able to pick up the phone or email and have access to a dedicated account manager who is always there to assist provides great value for us. Not only when it comes to renewal but also throughout any period of the contract, Chess are able to support and provide guidance."

Simon Hobdell
Technical Team Leader, Buckinghamshire Council