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Elena Doncheva, Head of Marketing at Chess, summarise the key takeaways from the most popular sessions at our conference Future Insight Technology.


The Chess Future Insight Technology is the most elaborate conference we’ve organised as a company. We brought together more than ten technology partners, leaders in the industry, and over 25 expert speakers, to share knowledge and advice with customers. All 52 sessions were delivered live during the two days, but don’t worry – you can still catch up on-demand here. Even more, we've given you unrestricted access to the top sessions from the conference for a limited time - watch them here.



Home, Office, Hybrid

During Home, Office, Hybrid Microsoft, Talk Talk Business, Cisco and EE stressed the importance of employee well-being just as much as the importance of the right technology to ensure people’s productivity no matter where they work. Key takeaways include:

  • Prioritise Security not only internally but also externally within your supply chain
  • Invest in your connectivity plan, it’s crucial your business and your people can work online
  • Incorporate shorter meetings and walking 1-to-1’s
  • Consider adoption of new technology within your business to guaranteed return
  • Hybrid is the future, but you need a strategy to make it a success



The Future’s Fibre

The PSTN switch off in 2025 will affect how you would work from home and the office. Connectivity is crucial to every business. Some of the frustrations organisations share and that can directly impact your bottom line are card machines not working, customers complaints about poor wifi, poor quality video calls. Watch the session, Future’s Fibre, to learn about your options.


Frightening Future and Cybersecurity

During Frightening Future and Cybersecurity, Sophos, Mimecast, LogPoint and Forescout discussed the changes in the security landscape and the new trends:

  • Email is one of the main channels used to distribute ransomware
  • You need to consider people’s behaviour to ensure your organisation’s security
  • Shadow IT is a growing issue so visibility is crucial
  • Layer your security to ensure cyber resilience



Keep the Bad Guys Out

Ransomware attacks will continue to pose a massive risk to organisations of any size and any sector. Sophos focus their session Keep the Bad Guys Out on how you can protect your business. They cover:

  • User education and multifactor authentication
  • Defence in depth
  • Threat hunting
  • Ransomware simulation testing
  • Incident Response Plans




Live Hack: 10 Minutes to Disaster

The Live Hack: 10 Minutes to Disaster showed an end to end attack chain, which demonstrated how a hacker could get access via a phishing campaign to compromise a global admin. To avoid a similar disaster in your own company, you should:


Trust No One! Protect Your Data

James Graham, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, and Dan Cooper, Cloud and Security Consultant at Chess, covered what your security journey could look like in a simple, tagged approach. To learn about Zero Trust within Microsoft’s environment, including the principle of least privilege, watch their Trust No One! Protect your data session.


Watch the rest of the sessions on-demand and get exclusive access to the guest keynotes on our Attendee Hub.


Click here to book your free consultation and we will be happy to enable you on your first steps to Work Securely from Anywhere, Anytime.


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Elena Doncheva

Elena Doncheva

Elena Doncheva, Head of Marketing at Chess, joined the organisation after finishing her International Business and Management postgraduate degree at Alliance Manchester Business School. With B2C and B2B experience, she sees marketing as a key driver for business growth. Together with her team, Elena is responsible for demand generation, brand building and PR. 

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