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Stephen Dracup, COO of Chess, reviews the features and benefits of the new Broadband Protect service, including: 


Whether we are in the office, shop, at home, there are few things worse than having a busy day ahead of you only to find you cannot connect to the internet and have to spend valuable time troubleshooting when you should be working. This costs you time and impacts the service you can give your customers.

To help out, we have launched Broadband Protect.

It's easy to work securely anywhere, anytime with Broadband Protect. Here’s how:


  • Monitored connection

We will log and fix faults for you out of hours if the line fails: All our Broadband Protect routers are connected to our management platform and continuously monitored to ensure they are working. In the event of a router going down, we will troubleshoot and take remedial action.

  • 24 x7 telephone support

Our help desk is open 24 x 7 for Broadband Protect customers. If you have an issue, call us, and we will help – whatever time of day or night.

  • Enhanced care, so Openreach will fix line issues out of hours

Sometimes your lines will fail, and an Openreach engineer will need to work on the network. With enhanced care, this will be a same-day fix for faults with your telephone line and within two days for faults with your broadband.



  • We penetration test our routers quarterly

Routers, like all computer equipment, are open to vulnerabilities – so our team of CREST and Check qualified testers regularly look for newly discovered issues, and then we roll the patches out to our Broadband Protect customers.

  • Free Vulnerability Assessment

All customers with Broadband Protect get a free annual vulnerability assessment on their network when they install Broadband Protect and a free consultation with a security specialist if issues are found. After you install your new router – we will, with your permission, externally test your network and if we find any issues, let you know.

  • Free Security Consultation

All Broadband Protect customers are entitled to a free consultation with one of our security experts.


Routers - Millions at Risk!

  • Upgrade to FTTP/SOGEA FOC when you are ready

2025 is coming, and the new services will be available to you at some stage over the next few years. We are happy to offer Broadband Protect customers free advice on the best plan for your business around 2025.

  • Get a better router for a noticeable improvement

The service gives you a more powerful WIFI 6 router, enabling a faster connection with your devices and improving battery life

  • Add WIFI extenders to improve coverage and performance

Over 50% of slow broadband issues turn out to be WIFI related. We can supply a range of WIFI extenders to improve coverage.

  • Add 4G backup to protect against line faults

Where you have a good mobile signal, we can supply additional 4G dongles which operate across multiple mobile networks to give you the best coverage in your area.

We will provide a replacement broadband router within 2 working days if yours fails. We will provide a 4G router and SIM card if a broadband fault persists for more than 2 working days. Fair usage policy applies. Please be aware that if the router is not returned at the end of the loan period you will be charged its full retail price.

  • Add extra security with email filtering and web filtering

We are working on adding a range of services to prevent the wrong kind of traffic into your network, more information to follow soon.

Broadband Protect is aimed at Home and small business premises. However, we offer a range of bespoke offerings for all our customers – please register here for a free consultation.


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Stephen Dracup

Stephen Dracup

Stephen is an experienced telecoms & IT professional with over 35 years industry experience. After graduating from the University of Manchester, Stephen started his career with Lister and Co PLC working for them for 12 years, rising to the position of Head of IT.

Stephen then set up Hoodpoint Communications, specialising in providing ICT, Data and Voice communications and business phone systems. The business was sold to Chess in 2005.

Stephen stayed on at Chess, rising to the role of Group Managing Director in 2012. He became Chief Operating Officer in 2020 and runs the operational teams day to day as well as Marketing and Commercial. He is also closely involved in Chess M&A activity.

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