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In this article, Graham Foreman, Public Sector Team Leader at Chess, explains how LogPoint would assist in securing digital transformation in your organisation. He covers:  


Organisations are going through a rapid digital transformation. The number of users accessing sensitive data is rising, and so is the risk of cyber-attacks disrupting vital services, or breaches leading to massive privacy infringements. LogPoint enables organisations to convert data into actionable intelligence, improving their cybersecurity posture. 

As the only supplier of LogPoint on G-Cloud, we’re able to ease the procurement process. 


What is LogPoint SIEM? 

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) enables you to have complete visibility and event insights by collecting, analysing, and monitoring data generated by your devices, servers, network, firewalls and systems. The LogPoint’s SIEM system is named a Visionary in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) by Gartner. 

This Modern SIEM solution aggregates event data produced by any device or application within your infrastructure, giving you the insight necessary to define the scope of and make critical decisions. LogPoint can assist with your SIEM needs regardless of the size of your organisation. 

The modularisation of the individual components within LogPoint allows users greater flexibility when deciding on the SIEM architecture that works for their organisation. The UEBA (User and Entity Behaviour Analytics) module identifies suspicious user behaviour in the cloud, on-premise and inside business applications – with an unparalleled time-to-value. 

GDPR compliance and security convergence  

Personal data held by public sector organisations often includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII): medical conditions, tax documents, doctor appointments and other sensitive information. Within the majority of these organisations, the efficient handling and access to this information is a key factor in the public drive towards digital transformation. In the future, the amount of digitised data is only set to increase and in 2018 the European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect PII from unlawful processing and loss or destruction. 

Privilege misuse  

What if the threat is coming from inside the four walls of your organisation? The ability to detect lateral movement and suspicious or abnormal behaviour in the network prior to exfiltration can defend against an insider threat. LogPoint uses UEBA and exhaustive compliance regimens to monitor and detect fraud within enterprise applications, infrastructure including Active Directory and cloud-based services such as Azure, AWS and Salesforce. 

Cyber espionage  

Being able to detect suspicious activity around sensitive and classified information is an important step to secure your infrastructure against data exfiltration. LogPoint monitors your organisation’s infrastructure by observing behaviours around enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle, often storing key information subject to sabotage and espionage. 

Human error  

Unintentional data breaches are common, and in some cases, institutions have left sensitive data wide open to the public. Simple employee mistakes can become expensive incidents that can damage your organisation’s finances and reputation. LogPoint monitors network access, policy changes, file system activity and file access to help you identify misconfiguration, mis delivery and disposal errors. 


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As the only supplier of LogPoint on G-Cloud, we’re able to ease the procurement process. See how the LogPoint SIEM solution through G-Cloud would assist in securing digital transformation in your organisation, by speaking to one of our specialists today. 

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Why LogPoint for the public sector? 

A flexible security analytics platform to fit the Public sector digitalisation strategy 

LogPoint provides organisations with a SIEM solution that are delivered on-premises, in the public cloud or through a managed security service provider. By supporting more than 400 of the most critical security data sources, your organisation can ingest data from virtually any source – from databases to cloud applications. 

Unmatched time-to-value makes it resource efficient to implement and expand LogPoint 

LogPoint customers say that time-to-value is a huge factor for why they choose our solution. LogPoint gives you a full SIEM solution that provides valuable analytics within a matter of days. 

Predictable and transparent total cost of ownership 

LogPoint works with your infrastructure, and we believe that the licensing model should not be a limiting factor when planning how and which data sources you would like to ingest data from. Our node-based pricing for SIEM is straightforward, and unlike other SIEM vendors, it covers all servers and data ingested – giving you the control and predictability to know exactly what the total cost of ownership will be. 


Read LogPoint’s whitepaper, Securing the digital transformation in the public sector to learn more on how a LogPoint SIEM solution can support your organisation. 



“To LogPoint, partnerships are key. Providing a trusted pair of hands to advise and implement is central to the LogPoint philosophy to ensure all customers not only have a solution which is fit for purpose, but also one which they can leverage and adapt as their organisational needs develop. Chess have been a key partner of LogPoint’s for many years, against which we have created a blueprint of what a true client centric engagement should encompass.”  

Russell Poole | Regional Director UK&I, LogPoint 

Graham Foreman

Graham Foreman

Graham Foreman, Public Sector Sales Manager at Chess, is responsible for leading Public Sector sales and our dedicated teams in government, health, education, corporate and charity. Graham joined Chess in 2017, with a previous background in Telecoms.

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