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Gilbert McHarg, Sage Consultant at Chess, summarises how Sage 200cloud can be used to improve business processes and reduce costs. He covers:

Usually, when we talk to people about Sage 200, the preconceived perception is that it is a huge product with a hefty price tag and complex, expensive implementation. While this may have been the case 5 years ago, it's certainly not the case in 2021, at least here at Chess.

Sage 200 has been around for a little while now and has changed names a few times. The product is currently known as Sage 200cloud, and it is available in two versions – Standard and Professional. This post will explain how this product is much more accessible and how it can help businesses work better together, grow their business, and reduce their costs.

True flexibility with Sage 200cloud

The first thing to talk about is 'capital expense' as this is no longer an issue. Sage 200cloud is now a subscription-based product, meaning no more high annual licence costs. Monthly billing makes the product not only more cost-effective but also allows businesses to scale as they need. For example, you might have a big project on the horizon, so you may need to get more people into Sage 200cloud to process orders temporarily. You could increase user licences for a short period then reduce them again. This flexibility helps you to keep cost predictable and manageable.


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Introduction to Sage 200cloud Standard

Sage 200cloud Standard is a much lighter version of the application. It offers the same great benefits: key finance features, closed period accounting, digital procurement, MTD compliance, stock management, and Microsoft 365 integration, all managed within a robust Microsoft SQL database. However, the price tag is still rather appealing. It is also a hybrid cloud application meaning no infrastructure is needed, and users have true freedom to work from anywhere – the new normal. Getting started is as simple as signing up, following our rapid deployment pack, and you are on the Sage 200cloud platform. The product is maintained and upgraded regularly by Sage allowing users to benefit from the latest tech Sage offer.

How to upgrade to Sage 200cloud Professional

One of the main goals business leaders have is growth. Sage 200cloud is designed to help business leaders achieve their ambitious targets. As your business and its requirements grow, you can upgrade to Sage 200cloud Professional, which opens the door to adding in vertical-specific functionality such as manufacturing, project planning, or CIS. As the Standard and Professional versions of the product share the same database, it's just a case of upgrading the licence, and within a day or two, you benefit from even more features.

Why partner with Chess

Here at Chess, we help businesses implement solutions to fit their need and budget. We partner with the best software vendors on the market to ensure we offer the best technology and connected solutions. We help you with technology to automate business processes which reduces admin and allows you and your team to focus on what matters – growing a great business.

We are a strategic Sage Business Partner and national technology company with over 25 years of experience. If you feel that your current business management solution is dated, missing key features to support growth, or you've outgrown it, please feel free to reach out to us for a chat.

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Gilbert McHarg

Gilbert McHarg

Gilbert McHarg, Sage Consultant at Chess, has years of experience working with Sage software, gained at both Sage UKI and within the Sage UKI Business Partner channel. He helps our customers improve and grow their business through the use of Sage Business applications, Specialising in Sage 200.

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