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Megan Yates, Consultant at Chess, summarises the top three things you need to operate in a post-Covid world. 


Covid-19 has changed the world for good and reinforced something we already knew – that being there for your customers is vital. So here are our top 3 tips for keeping in touch.

Keep in contact

Microsoft Teams has been one of the winners over the last 18 months, and it keeps on getting better. My top 5 favourite features are:

  • Installs on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) so you can take it with you wherever you go
  • Built-in phone system to receive all your calls (including PSTN) on any device
  • Built-in file sharing and live collaboration
  • Built-in video conferencing
  • Built-in instant messaging


2025: Get a plan!

Although 2025 (the turning-off of the telephone network) seems a long time away, BT aims to close some exchanges down way before then and will stop selling new connections from 2023. Getting a plan now will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Here are our top 3 tips:

  • Do you need FTTP? Fibre is rolling out fast and is more reliable and faster than copper (i.e. Ultrafast v Superfast), but not everyone really needs it. If you do - for example, you need to video conference often - and it's available in your area, it's a great way to boost performance.
  • Fibre doesn't ship with a voice option, so make sure you understand how to keep your business number live if you go to Ultrafast Fibre.
  • If you don't need an Ultrafast connection, we can help you keep your existing line and broadband working up to 2030 without needing to change anything - get in touch for further advice via the form below.
Stay secure

Staying secure has never been more challenging. Remote working has many benefits but makes it easier for hackers to get to you and do their worst. Here are our top 3 suggestions for protecting your business:

  • Get Microsoft 365 – we recommend the Business Premium licence, which includes everything you need to work, including operating systems, applications and security.
  • Get support – likely, you aren't a security expert. Team up with someone who can help you plug your gaps.
  • Train your people – the easiest way to compromise your business is by compromising your people - everyone who has access to company data, devices and customers. Simple training can reduce the risk significantly and is usually as effective as technical solutions.

Get 6 Months Free Support and Back-up

with Microsoft Business Premium

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At Chess, we help you work better together, protect your data and connect your people so you can reduce your costs and grow your business. Contact our team for further advice through the form below or speak to your account manager.

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Megan Yates

Megan Yates

Megan Yates is a consultant at Chess and helps customers to adopt technology and make the most of their IT investments. With over five years in the industry, her resume boasts some of the latest Microsoft accreditations, including Service Adoption Specialist. She's passionate about bridging the gap between culture and technology, and driving employee engagement. 

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