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Denial of Service Tutorials

Our Information Security Officer, Joseph Ball has created a series of 12 easy to follow video tutorials which explore the many aspects of cyber security, here's the first 3 and we hope you'll enjoy watching them.

Denial of Service (DOS) 

This means a function of the computer has been stopped, halted or slowed due to a resource getting overloaded or confused, this may be malicious or otherwise but has stopped the service from being accessible.
It's a bit like an elevator being installed that can't carry its payload or the weight of people. If there isn't enough resource in the steel tension and motors, it will not be able to perform its function

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Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) 

This is an extension of DOS but is when multiple people or actors attack the resource. It's the same method of disrupting a service but it's not a single person you can block, track or monitor, it's several, and from anywhere in the world. 
Going back to the elevator example. It's not a single person who has overloaded the motors, it's the volume of smaller and lighter items, or people, which break it. 


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Dynamic Name System (DNS)


These are essentially computerised versions of a huge phone system. They are an integral part of how most of us use the internet daily (without us even knowing). They are key to helping your machine understand what you mean by a browser request, for example '', and why the industry is seeing headlines like 'SANS Institute: DNS attacks gaining steam in 2019' 

How do these attacks work and what happens when they go wrong? What could an attacker gain from manipulating a DNS?


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Coming Next in the Series...

Malware, Worms and Ransomware


Joseph Ball

Joseph Ball

Joseph Ball is a cybersecurity professional with years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Previously worked for the British giant BT where he was responsible for developing and managing the threat landscape and risk realisation, Joseph joined Chess as the Information Security Officer at the beginning of 2019.

Boasting a degree in Computer Forensic Investigations and Computer Security, he spent time advising the Police as a Special Constable where he worked with the likes of FACT and Interpol with regards to media content piracy.

Joseph is passionate about making cybersecurity easy to understand even for non-technical people. He believes that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but he will preach best practices to everyone who has a minute to spare.

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