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Drive By Attack, Buffer Overflow, Privilege Escalation #BeCyberSmart


Drive By Attack - Watch Video

 Instigated against anyone who happens to visit a malicious website. It's super important to always go to trusted websites and sources you have visited before. If you don’t, there can be consequences. 

Find out why: 

-  You should use a public or protected Domain Name Service.
- Good anti-malware that covers the users internet activity is key. 
- Tools like Ublock Origin can filter malicious adverts.

Buffer Overflow - Watch Video

These are attacks which are designed to 
manipulate the different levels of an operating system and the hardware of the physical device. They can allow critical information to be stolen, manipulated and corrupted, without you knowing. Only software fixes help mitigate these issues. 

Find out why: 

-  Software patching is key.
-  You should consider websites and externally facing portals.  
-  Knowledge of infrastructure software and code is useful. 

Privilege Escalation - Watch Video

This is the process of gaining more authority, access, and permissions on an IT system.

For attackers the goal is to “Pwn” (own) the system. So how do we control privilege and why do we need to segregate our networks?

Find out why: 

-  Patching is key to limit the available exploitation methods.
-  You should audit and review your estate permissions.
-  Privileged Identity Management and other administrator limiting tools are good.

If you would like more information on our products and services we have lots of information on our website or you can speak to one of our security experts for advice. 

We hope you've enjoyed watching the series.

Joseph Ball

Joseph Ball

Joseph Ball is a cybersecurity professional with years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Previously worked for the British giant BT where he was responsible for developing and managing the threat landscape and risk realisation, Joseph joined Chess as the Information Security Officer at the beginning of 2019.

Boasting a degree in Computer Forensic Investigations and Computer Security, he spent time advising the Police as a Special Constable where he worked with the likes of FACT and Interpol with regards to media content piracy.

Joseph is passionate about making cybersecurity easy to understand even for non-technical people. He believes that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but he will preach best practices to everyone who has a minute to spare.

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