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Five Significant Savings with Synchronised Security

With Sophos' decision to retire on-premise legacy security platforms and focus on next-generation products, I thought today we would have a quick look at the key advantages of synchronised security and how it can save you money.

What is Synchronised Security?

Synchronised Security is an integrated cybersecurity system - endpoint, network, mobile, WiFi, email, and encryption products, all sharing information in real-time and responding automatically to incidents. Everything is controlled through the Sophos Central cloud-based security platform so management is very straightforward

Our top 5 savings
  • 50% reduction in IT security headcount

Customers said that they would need to double their security headcount to maintain the same level of protection if they didn’t have a Sophos next-gen cybersecurity system. Sophos now proactively identifies the issues for them and automatically resolves the situation in 95% of cases. As a result, your team can focus on remediation for the 5% of issues that need human involvement.

  • 90% reduction in time spent on day to day admin

All data is consolidated in a single management platform and presented in a consistent format, making it easy to identify and respond to issues. This removes the onerous daily task of mapping data across multiple sources to try to identify suspicious vs. malicious vs. benign. On some platforms, software can take between three and four hours. Now it takes just ten minutes per update. With 20 to 25 updates a year, this equates to a savings of 75 hours a year for updates (the equivalent of two full working weeks). Many companies are looking to reduce costs on people at present. An internal IT team (or outsourced contract for that matter) will be expensive if it focuses on the day to day maintenance of on-premise systems. In contrast, Cloud platforms do not require you to employ people to look after them, saving you money.

  • 90% reduction in time to identify issues

The time to conduct a thorough investigation into an incident has reduced from around three hours to 15 with everything done remotely via the Sophos Central platform.

  • 85% reduction in the number of security incidents

Customers are reporting a drop from multiple incidents a day that need further investigation to incidents spread over a couple of days.

  • Significant reduction in the downtime overall

Previously devices would be removed from the network for manual investigation and wouldn’t get protection updates while they were offline. With Sophos, when the IT team isolates a device to investigate an issue it remains online and continues to receive protection updates.

Don't compromise on security

If you have a legacy Sophos security product or are simply trying to reduce the costs to run your IT estate without compromising security it would be a good idea to have a look at Sophos. You can either buy the licenses upfront or be billed monthly so that you can preserve your cash if you need to.


Stephen Dracup

Stephen Dracup

Stephen is an experienced telecoms & IT professional with over 35 years industry experience. After graduating from the University of Manchester, Stephen started his career with Lister and Co PLC working for them for 12 years, rising to the position of Head of IT.

Stephen then set up Hoodpoint Communications, specialising in providing ICT, Data and Voice communications and business phone systems. The business was sold to Chess in 2005.

Stephen stayed on at Chess, rising to the role of Group Managing Director in 2012. He became Chief Operating Officer in 2020 and runs the operational teams day to day as well as Marketing and Commercial. He is also closely involved in Chess M&A activity.

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