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Announcing CyberLab Brand Launch

Announcing CyberLab Brand Launch

Announcing the launch of CyberLab, a specialist cyber security company combining Chess Cyber Security, Armadillo Sec and Cyberlab Consulting into one entity, providing a one-stop shop for all your security needs. 

Defend Your Business: Supply Chain Security

Adam Gleeson, Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, outlines the risks that organisations face due from their suppliers, and how to mitigate the risks.

Navigating the UK Cybersecurity Job Market: A 2023 Perspective

In today's digital age, cybersecurity has become more critical than ever. With the rapid advancement of technology, the threat landscape is constantly ...

Logging and Monitoring

Adam Gleeson, Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, explores how logging and monitoring can help your organisation in the detection of cyber threats and securing your digital landscape.

Security Resilience with Cisco

Securetour 2023, the virtual cyber security conference, provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge and valuable insights into the evolving landscap ...

Security Simplified with Forcepoint

As part of Securetour 2023, Forcepoint and Chess discussed the importance of simplifying security practices and the role of Forcepoint in achieving th ...

Cyber Security Incident Management

Adam Gleeson, Cyber Security Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, outlines importance of incident management for effective cyber incident response and minimising the impact on an organisation.

Get Ahead of Dark Web Threats

78% of our customers have received a security alert advising their data is showing on the Dark Web. Gavin Wood, CTO at Chess, outlines what the dark web is, the risk posed, and how organisations can get ahead with Dark Web Monitor.

Vulnerability Management

Adam Gleeson, Cyber Security Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, outlines the key elements of vulnerability management and shares how to protect your organisation through robust practices and monitoring.

Protect Everything with Microsoft

Protect Everything with Microsoft

Securetour, the virtual cybersecurity event, brought together industry experts to share valuable insights and strategies for fortifying digital defences. In one of the sessions, Damian Andrews from Chess ICT and Jon Davies from Microsoft (MS Link) shed light on the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and how organisations can benefit from Microsoft's comprehensive security solutions. This blog post explores the key takeaways from their session and highlights the role of Chess ICT in helping organisations strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

Chess acquires CyberLab

Chess to Become a Cyber Security Powerhouse

Leading technology provider Chess announce the acquisition of the highly accredited cyber security-as-a-service (SECaaS) provider CyberLab. CyberLab is a specialist cyber security consultancy that provides a range of compliance and managed security services.

Legacy Systems

Don McIntyre, Digital Consultant at Chess, outlines the cost of legacy systems and how organisations can mitigate the risk. 

Architecture and Configuration

Getting security right at the start of any technology project helps to create systems that are easier to keep secure. Adam Gleeson, Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, outlines how to build stronger cyber security with the right architecture and configuration. 

The Cost of Cyber Security: The Finance Directors Handbook

Tom Davies, Finance Director at Chess, discusses the cost of cyber security and why it should be a priority for CFOs and Finance Directors.

Securetour 2023

Securetour 2023 Highlights

SecureTour, the popular virtual conference, returned this year with globally recognised security partners discussing the latest Cyber Security and technology trends. 



Asset Management

In today's world, where cybercrime is on the rise and data breaches are a common occurrence, protecting your data can be a complex task. It's critic ...

Protect Against Phishing with Engagement and Training

Adam Gleeson, Cyber Security Vendor Alliance Manager, discusses the threat businesses face from phishing and offers advice on how engagement & training can help protect against this threat.

Manage Your Cyber Risk

Adam Gleeson, Cyber Security Vendor Alliance Manager at Chess, explains what risk management is and why it is important for businesses that are looking to increase their cyber security. 

Digital Transformation for Business Resilience

Digital Transformation for Business Resilience

Mark Lightfoot, Chess' CFO, reviews how technology can help you weather the economic storm and make your organisation more resilient to the changing business environment.

Cyber Security Month in Review December 2022

Cyber Security Month in Review December 2022

Our information security officer reviews the biggest cyber news from 2022 and creates a Christmas cyber security checklist

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