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Gavin Wood CTO

HAFNIUM: What it is and why it matters

Our CTO, Gavin Wood, analyses the HAFNIUM attack and recommends best practice to ensure you have improved your security posture. In this article, he covers: 

  • What is HAFNIUM
  • Why is the HAFNIUM attack so dangerous
  • How to mitigate cyber risk
International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day 2021

"In celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ we take time to recognise the outstanding contribution a specific group of our people make, day in and day out to our business and our lives. We are one team and we will all enjoy the day together.”n celebration of International Women's Day 2021"

Protect Your MS Exchange Server

Protect Your MS Exchange Server - How to Patch Your System

Microsoft has identified some serious vulnerabilities on Microsoft Exchange servers globally. Given the importance of this we have decided to notify all our customers of this issue. If you use Microsoft Exchange you will be pleased to know that Microsoft has released security updates to resolve this.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Best Company to Work For

What Makes Us a Best Company to Work For

It’s no secret, it takes a special mix of ingredients to become the UK Best Company to work for. Our people, their ambition, sense of fun and the passion to work as One Team are what set us apart from the rest.  

Integrating telephony into CRM

Integrating telephony into CRM

Improving employee productivity and other reasons, you should integrate your telephony system and your CRM.

In this article, we cover:

  • Why you should review your communication strategy
  • What is computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • How computer telephony integration (CTI) can benefit your business
Gavin Wood CTO Chess

2021 is the year to become cloud-native

Gavin Wood, CTO at Chess, summarises some of the key tech trends for 2021. He covers why you should adopt cloud-native services , how to enable anywhere operations and how will security change in 2021.

Service Improvement Roadmap Steps

A Step Closer on our Service Improvement Journey

Self-serve online continues to be our number 1 priority, and we're working at full speed to deliver 5 new features. We'll provide more detail on each over the next few weeks. 

The 3 Essential Tools That Help You Respond Quickly and Effectively

The 3 Essential Tools That Help You Respond Quickly and Effectively.

At Chess we work with customers and partners, including Microsoft, to develop and manage software that allows people to work from anywhere. We’re proud of our working culture that places an emphasis on employee wellbeing and support, and in this blog we explore the tools and systems that have helped us transition into a new way of working.

An Approach to Future Crisis in Healthcare

An Approach to Future Crisis in Healthcare

There is an opportunity to reflect on the response taken to tackling the challenges associated with the pandemic, from the initial period of crisis management to planning for future outcomes in a way that allows for an improved approach.

In this article we recognise and consider;

  1. The need for companies to pivot and collaborate.
  2. In terms of Healthcare, key themes that underpin future product development.
  3. How various tools can combine to help prepare for any future crisis.
Endpoint Detection and Response

Understanding Endpoint Detection and Response

Nowadays the vast majority of organisations see EDR as an integral part of their security strategies. 

We’ve partnered with Sophos in a webinar where we:

  • Discuss today's security challenges 
  • Introduce EDR – the must have tool
  • Demo Sophos EDR

The webinar session is ideal for ICT professionals, Cybersecurity experts, Infrastructure and Systems support teams.

Watch on demand now

Security reset for business survival

Security reset for business survival: Your top vulnerabilities

In 2020, companies rapidly enabled remote working at large scales. Often security was left as an afterthought and attackers took advantage of the newl ...

Warren Pryer Chess

Key learnings from 2020 to take into 2021 for your enterprise

Warren Pryer, Group Sales Director at Chess, summarises the key learnings from Chess and our customers from 2020 and the advice he would give to any business looking to thrive in 2021.

Oliver Lofthouse, Sales Director at Chess

Key learnings from 2020 to take into 2021 for your business

Trying to predict technology and business trends is a tricky business in itself - it can depend on so many variables, such as the economy, customer de ...

Chess Wellbeing Week

Keeping #FutureFit with Chess Wellbeing Week

‘Wellbeing Week’ is a firm fixture in the Chess Calendar, and right now it is more important than ever.

This week, thinking about our physical and mental wellbeing is at the top of the ‘to do list’, for individuals, teams, and the company as a whole.

Sophos MTR

Sophos MTR – Cybersecurity Evolved [Webinar]

During a recent online session Eric Kokonas, MTR Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Mat Gangwer, MTR Technical Director, reviewed the threat landscape, explained how MTR fits in an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy and provided an overview of the service.

how are we doing?

Your Opinion Matters To Us

Last week we sent you our annual customer service survey so that you can tell us where we're getting things right but also where we can improve. 

Android Enterprise Essentials

Android Enterprise Essentials Launch

Small business owners overlook the potential impact a cyber attack can have on their organisation, but they are just as likely to become a victim as l ...

Chess iBill:  Helping Resellers Grow

Chess iBill: Helping Resellers Grow

The Chess iBill platform is a cloud-based e-billing solution. It provides a web-based portal which is where you can add and maintain your customer database and can view all customer information, plus it can also be used as a CRM system. It also provides a white labelled end-user interface for your customers' web billing.

Chess Computers For Kids

Chess Computers For Kids

We’re delighted to have been able to pass on 79 laptops so far, including to Warrington Youth Club and Winsford High School. Huge thanks to the team who gave up their weekends to help make this happen, as we know these machines will make a real difference to students struggling to access essential online resources and tuition.