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As the only supplier of LogPoint on G-Cloud, we're able to ease the procurement process. See how the LogPoint SIEM solution through G-Cloud would assist in securing digital transformation in your organisation, by speaking to one of our specialists today.

Organisations are going through a rapid digital transformation. The number of users accessing sensitive data is rising, and so is the risk of cyber-attacks disrupting vital services, or breaches leading to massive privacy infringements. LogPoint enables organisations to convert data into actionable intelligence, improving their cybersecurity posture.

Connect your people, protect your data. Gain visibility of your entire Security Ecosystem.

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LogPoint Resources

Webinar: LogPoint Technical Demonstration

LogPoint: Webinar

LogPoint Technical Demonstration

LogPoint: Supplier page

LogPoint: Supplier page

LogPoint is Chess' supplier of choice for enterprise level SIEM solutions

Webinar: Tailored SIEM and UEBA for Universities

LogPoint: Webinar

Tailored SIEM and UEBA for Universities