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Microsoft Power Platforms 

Microsoft Power Platform lets you analyse data, automate processes and build solutions,
so you can adapt quickly in a rapidly changing business environment.

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362% ROI over three years
15% average improvement in efficiency
70% reduction in app development cost

Powerful alone. Better together.

Many business processes can involve long, laborious tasks requiring multiple e-mails to be sent manually, documents printed, signed, then scanned back to digital form and forwarded to relevant people.

These processes can eat into time which could be spent focusing on more vital tasks.

Microsoft Power Platform lets you analyse data, automate processes and build solutions, so you can adapt quickly in a rapidly changing business environment.

Microsoft Power Platform Delivery 

The Power Platform Delivery Packs are the ideal way to get started with Microsoft Power Platform. Over 7 days, Chess' Microsoft specialists will work with you, to build and deliver your choice of BI reports,* Automation or Power App, including any training you and your team need. If you are unfamiliar with the possibilities of the Power Platform, this is the ideal service to help you get started and streamline your processes and reporting.

Get Started with Power BI 

Power BI supports data driven decisions, making business anayltics accessible throughout your business. Analytics delivery helps streamline your process and *includes up to three Power BI reports and an overall dashboard.


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Get Started with Power Automate 

Increase efficiency so you can focus on generating business value by automating and streamlining repetitive digital processesAutomation Delivery builds and deploys automation into your production environment.   

Get Started with Power Apps
Solve business challenges and improve business flexibilityApplication Delivery utilises the customisation offered by low and no code development, to build and deploy your Power App into your production environment.  

How we deliver Power Platform in 7 days


Day 1
Preparation and Planning
  • Define business objective with key stakeholders
  • Assess Data Quality
  • Agree commitment and arrange site and system access
Day 2 
  • Capture detail requirements
  • Review existing documentation
  • Review specific security requirements
Day 3–6
  • Deliver the solution as confirmed within the planning and discovery stages
  • Assess progress and refine the solution (up to two iterations)
Day 7
  • Deploy into production environment
  • Deliver training how to use the BI Report
  • Schedule follow-up session



Analytics, Application or Automation Delivery Packs


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Buy any 2 Power Platform Delivery Packs:

£9,000 - Save 10%

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Buy all 3 Power Platform Delivery Packs:

£12,000 - Save 20%

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*Prices exclude VAT.

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