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Network Security

Solutions which protect your network from hacking attacks and 
prevent external agents from accessing, changing and deleting your business data. 
£564,000 Average cost of ransomware attack in UK
94% of malware attacks originated in email
71% of cyber data breaches were financially motivated
More than half of UK cyber attacks involve phishing

Protecting your network 

Your network spans across on-prem servers and cloud, office workers and home users, your organisation and its partners, making it a complex environment to secure and protect.

Often infections can go undetected for days and weeks costing your business thousands.

Network segmentation and best security practices, including educating your people about the modern cyber threats, are key factors in protecting your business data. Technology with built-in AI will help you identify and block attacks such as malware and ransomware before they cause long-term damage to your reputation and your budget.

Protect your data with...


Anti Exploit

Exploits scan your network for vulnerabilities caused by ineffective design, looking for critical data such as login credentials and financial information. Infections can go undetected for days so you need a real-time prevention solution using AI to identify and block the attack early on.



Anti Malware

Malware (spyware, viruses and rootkits) is a constant threat to your network. It can transfer from devices to your internal servers via shared resources and lie dormant for days and weeks. The best anti-malware solutions will continuously scan your network for anomalies and automatically deploy fixes.



Anti Ransomware

Ransomware can paralyse organisations of all sizes. The attacker encrypts your files and blocks your access. You risk losing important company data while your operations are brought to a halt. An advanced anti-ransomware solution monitors your network and secures all attack vectors.



Penetration Testing

Social engineering involves manipulating people into leaking sensitive data and providing an external malicious agent with unwarranted access to a network. It includes physical infiltration, email (phishing), social media and calls. A targeted pen test can reveal the gaps in cybersecurity awareness of your people.


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How We Work With You


Our CREST certified penetration testers will use a combination of automated and advanced real-world techniques to scan your network, report on any vulnerabilities they identify and how to patch these.


Our engineers boast the latest accreditations from leading industry bodies and will deliver your preferred solution, advising on ways you can reduce costs and enable your people to work better together.


Educating your people about the cybersecurity risks and providing the relevant training will help you protect your corporate data. Our experts can advise on adoption strategies.


Our expert team can provide you with continuous support through our Managed Services and Support, helping you to stay protected and compliant at all times, while allowing you to focus on your business.

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