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Infrastructure Security

Solutions which help protect your critical infrastructure by processing and analysing  large volumes of data, providing full visibility, improving security posture and resilience. 


Hackers make attacks every 39 seconds
280 days average time to identify a data breach
76% expect remote working to increase cyber risk

Protect your platform

While protecting end-user devices is important, protecting your core infrastructure is critical. All your users depend on it for their continued operation, and it is likely where your most critical data is stored and accessed.

Keeping data flowing and ensuring only authorised users can gain access to sensitive data and equipment means investing in a range of security technologies including patch management, network monitoring, event management and security assessments.

We provide a wide range of advice and solutions on how you can roll out a comprehensive infrastructure protection program across your business allowing you to monitor and manage all your most critical infrastructure, or do it on your behalf. 

Protect your data with...


Data Loss Prevention

Data loss or leakage can be caused by both human error and by cyber attacks. Reduce risk with a solution that discovers and categorises your data across hardware, applications, endpoints, gateways, on premise and cloud.


Device Visibility

Controlling access to your network is difficult when you don’t know what physical and virtual devices are trying to connect. Solutions such as Forescout enable an accurate device inventory, continuous compliance, policy-based access and rapid response.


Patch Management

Hackers quickly identify and attack out of date software. Every organisation needs a ‘patch policy’ and a patch management solution to keep track of what software version is on machines to ensure it is up to date.



SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) enables you to have complete visibility and event insights by collecting, analysing, and monitoring data generated by your devices, servers, network, firewalls and systems.


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Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments

Penetration Testing provides a comprehensive review of your organisation's information security. It's a deep dive into your network's security, designed to discover areas of concern and highlight potential improvements.


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How We Work With You


Our CREST certified penetration testers will use a combination of automated and advanced real-world techniques to scan your network, report on any vulnerabilities they identify and how to patch these.


Our engineers boast the latest accreditations from leading industry bodies and will deliver your preferred solution, advising on ways you can reduce costs and enable your people to work better together.


Educating your people about the cybersecurity risks and providing the relevant training will help protect your data while you work safely from anywhere. Our experts can advise on adoption strategies.


Choose our expert team to provide continuous support through our Managed Support options, helping you to stay protected and compliant at all times, while allowing you to focus on your business.

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