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Gateway Security

For the optimum solution in gateway security, you require complex firewall technology, combined with
mobile device management, web and email proxy solutions and specialist web application firewalls.
9/10 hackers can attack website visitors
98% of Malware was delivered by email in 2019
30,000 New Websites Hacked Daily

Balance Security, Usability and Functionality

Your people connect to the web daily to perform their job. You need to ensure that your organisation is still protected from unauthorised traffic getting into your network.

It’s crucial to not limit your people with slow, inefficient network performance that will damage their productivity. This may lead to the use of shadow IT, when they use their own devices or an insecure connection.

For optimal gateway security, you require a next generation firewall, combined with mobile device management, web and email proxy solutions and specialist web application firewalls.

Protect your data with...



Modern firewalls can learn to protect against new threats before they can manifest within the network. Exploits such as ransomware, bots, worms, hacks and breaches can be stopped and exposed so that any infected systems can be isolated before malware spreads.

Web Application Firewall

A Web Application Firewall monitors and blocks traffic between a web application and the Internet. This type of firewall is designed to protect from attacks and user-induced vulnerabilities including cross-site forgery and scripting, SQL injection and more.

Web & Email Protection

Your network users may stray to websites where they can pick up malicious software. Web and email protection solutions filter malicious internet traffic to protect office and remote users, prevent data loss and filter email-borne threats, spam and phishing.

Mobile Device Management

Your people use mobile devices as it improves their productivity and your security solution must not disrupt their experience. Implement a Mobile Device Management solution and conditional access policies based on personas to protect your data.

How We Work With You


Our team of experts will assess your environment and advise on the implementation of best security practices - keep your business secure, your data protected and your operations compliant.


Our engineers boast the latest accreditations from leading bodies and will deliver the solution and help you rollout enhanced security features, which may be already available within your subscription.


Depending on the solution you choose, we will provide you with access to our learning portal to ensure your people adopt fully the new technology and make your cloud journey a success.


You can also choose our expert team to provide continuous support throughout your journey, helping you to stay protected and compliant at all times. A variety of managed support options available.

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