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Vulnerability Testing 

What weaknesses are hiding in your infrastructure? 
A Vulnerability Assessment gives you an understanding of your security posture and it's a quick, cost effective way to identify and focus on areas that can be fixed easily. Bigger organisations often opt to perform a Vulnerability Assessment at least every quarter. 
Did You Know? 
  • Unpatched systems quickly become vulnerable to attack such as MS17-010 (Eternal Blue), used widely in the WannaCry ransomware attack on the NHS. 
  • SQL injection attacks on old software allow hackers to take over your system and to gain a foothold on your network. 
  • Attackers know that systems and devices are commonly left with default credentials in place, and that with a bit of guesswork they can easily log into these systems to find and steal sensitive information 
  • Many enterprises have exposed data inadvertently when migrating to the public cloud, mostly due to a lack of experience with cloud-based security. 
"Vulnerability assessment (sometimes referred to as ‘scanning’) is the use of automated tools to identify known common vulnerabilities in a system’s configuration." 

Stage 2 - Security Features Delivery 

Helps you rollout enhanced security features on your Microsoft 365 tenancy, based on Business Premium or Enterprise licence features, including:  


Self-Service Password

Reset setup, including banned password list, and ‘how to’ guides for users

Conditional Access

Policy creation based on user roles and data in Microsoft 365 accounts and users.  

Advanced Threat Protection  

ATP configuration to reduce the risk of advanced phishing campaigns 

Mobile Device Management  

Initial implementation 

Microsoft Identity Score Review  

Review the success of your improvements 

Updated Gap Analysis  

Our experts create and share an appraisal to assist with governance and compliance, implementation of continuous improvement, and to document the risk profile within your business. 



Security Assessment for Microsoft 365


Security Features Delivery for Microsoft 365


Bundle Deal: Security Assessment + Security Features Delivery for Microsoft 365


*Requirements within the Security Assessment must be met before undertaking Security Features Delivery

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