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Dark Web Monitor 

Keep one step ahead of cyber criminals with Dark Web Monitor, which scans the dark web and informs you if your data is at risk.

Protect your data, save your business. 

22 billion new data records were added to the Dark Web in 2020. What’s the result of? Phishing emails, scam phone calls, and fraudulent purchases on company credit cards are all a possibility. 

The average annual cost of cyber crime for businesses is estimated at approximately £15.3k per victim, according to the latest government report. Don’t bury your head in the sand – be informed, stay secure, save money. 

Dark Web Monitor scans the dark web and informs you about sensitive information that’s been found like passwords, emails, or credit card details. The service helps you stay a step ahead of the cyber criminals and take action to protect your business. 

Benefits of Dark Web Monitor  

Increase Awareness Prevent BreachesReduce Risk
Protect Your Data 
Dark Web Illustration
What is the dark web and how does your data end up there?

The dark web is an area of the internet not accessible via regular search engines. It’s a concealed space where data is bought and sold. Cybercriminals target both individuals and businesses, stealing data and posting it to the dark web for criminal purposes.

How can leaked data affect your business?

The anonymity of the dark web makes it a haven for cyber criminals who want to profit by buying and selling data. Data is valuable — once compromised, cyber criminals can exploit it via identity theft and fraud. This could be potentially disastrous for you and your business. The average cost to a small business for a minor data breach is £8.5k.

How does Dark Web Monitor protect you?

Our Dark Web Monitor service performs enhanced searches of the dark web and notifies you if sensitive data is found. Our support centre provides you with advice on how to act and prevent future breaches. This means you can immediately take action to protect your data and business.

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