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Cloud Security

Protect the data you entrust to the cloud through a range of cloud security solutions
including multi-factor authentication, identity and access management and VPNs.
70% of organisations Hosting Data in the Public Cloud Experienced a Security Incident
No 1 concern for organisations is Data Loss or leakage
96% of Organisations are concerned about their current level of Cloud Security
66% of Hacking attacks exploit gaps in cloud security

Secure your Cloud

The growth in cloud applications and cloud storage along-side on-premise or legacy infrastructure creates complex environments and adds a number of avenues for your network to be compromised.

Adhering to best cloud security practices is a growing challenge for organisations and IT teams of all sizes, with more than two-thirds of companies reporting an incident in the last year and highly skilled security experts in short supply.

Crest-certified and with a pedigree of delivering security solutions to organisations ranging from the small to the very large, our consultants, pen testers and managed security experts can advise you on future plans, deliver solutions, identify and remedy current issues and support all your security requirements.

Protect your data with...


​Microsoft 365 Security

Reduce your costs by adopting best practices and help your people adapt to a new, remote-working environment. Our staged approach will help you make the most out of the intelligent built-in Microsoft security features.

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Sophos Cloud Optix

Cloud Optix delivers the continuous analysis and visibility organizations need to detect, respond, and prevent security and compliance gaps while finding ways to optimize cloud spend.

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Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Data Protect for Microsoft 365 is a cloud-to-cloud backup product offering an all in-one backup, restore and export solution. It ensures that businesses can access, control, and most importantly protect the data that employees entrust to the cloud.

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Identity and Access management

Our team of experts can help you set up policies for conditional access based on your organisation’s personas. We can also assist you with the implementation of Mobile Device Management solutions required for conditional access.

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Multi-factor Authentication

Weak credentials are a common cause of data breaches. Users need to use multi factor authentication (MFA). They simply receive a one-time password on their personal mobile phone to use in conjunction with a memorised personal password.

Secure Data Sharing

With 90% of data breaches caused by human error, an extra level of security like an encryption solution such as Egress means emails and files can be transferred safely and securely without the fear that it will get into the wrong hands.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are now a necessity. By combing secure connectivity technology with high class firewall and encryption solutions from providers such as Sophos, your people can work from anywhere safely and securely.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

Penetration Testing provides a comprehensive review of your organisation's information security. It's a deep dive into your network's security, designed to discover areas of concern and highlight potential improvements.

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How We Work With You


Our team of experts will assess your environment and advise on the implementation of best security practices - keep your business secure, your data protected and your operations compliant.


Our engineers boast the latest accreditations from leading bodies and will deliver the solution and help you rollout enhanced security features, which may be already available within your subscription.


Depending on the solution you choose, we will provide you with access to our learning portal to ensure your people adopt fully the new technology and make your cloud journey a success.


You can also choose our expert team to provide continuous support throughout your journey, helping you to stay protected and compliant at all times. A variety of managed support options available.

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