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Microsoft Power Platforms 

Microsoft Power Platform lets you analyse data, automate processes and build solutions,
so you can adapt quickly in a rapidly changing business environment.

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362% ROI over three years
15% average improvement in efficiency
70% reduction in app development cost

What is the Power Platform?

Microsoft are constantly innovating, updating and releasing new products and solutions and at Chess we strive to keep you up to date with the latest services available.

One of Microsoft’s latest innovations is the Power Platform. The Power Platform isn’t just one service or platform; it’s a trio of Microsoft products that combine to become an essential business tool. The three Microsoft products featured in the Power Platform are: Power BI, PowerApps and Power Automate.

These services provide your business with the tools needed for any task - you’ll be able to easily manipulate, automate and analyse data using the Power Platform, with integration for Office 365 and Dynamics 365 ensuring all of your digital platforms, services, and devices can work in tandem.

Why Will You Need The Microsoft Power Platform?

Power Platform is important because the amount of data that companies are creating is continually increasing, even becoming “overwhelming” in some circumstances. With this increase in data, it’s important that your business has the capacity to be able to store, manage, analyse, and build upon the data that’s being collected - if you aren’t doing this, the data is obsolete.

Speed Up Data Processing 

In the past, we would have seen data analysis, app creation and automation as something to be undertaken by IT departments or development teams.

Whilst this is an effective way to do things, it can be quite slow and is subject to manual error at times too. During this process you would require staff to outline their requests and goals, send these requests to the relevant department (this can sometimes be an external provider, which incurs additional costs), then face a long wait as the request is processed and actioned.

This time-consuming process is seen as a major pain point in modern businesses, which is where the Power Platform becomes so important. 

Enable Non- Technical Users 

The Power Platform enables the typical non-technical user to effectively and simply access digital information that they previously would not have been able to.

The trio of services provides technology that’ll enable your people to do more with the data in front of them, even if they lack coding knowledge.

What the system loses in terms of intricacies and flexibility that a sophisticated coding platform would offer, it makes up for in terms of simplicity and ease-of-use.

Get Started with Power BI 

Power BI supports data driven decisions, making business anayltics accessible throughout your business. Analytics delivery helps streamline your process and *includes up to three Power BI reports and an overall dashboard.


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Get Started with Power Automate 

Increase efficiency so you can focus on generating business value by automating and streamlining repetitive digital processesAutomation Delivery builds and deploys automation into your production environment.   

Get Started with Power Apps
Solve business challenges and improve business flexibilityApplication Delivery utilises the customisation offered by low and no code development, to build and deploy your Power App into your production environment.  

How we deliver Power Platform in 7 days


Day 1
Preparation and Planning
  • Define business objective with key stakeholders
  • Assess Data Quality
  • Agree commitment and arrange site and system access
Day 2 
  • Capture detail requirements
  • Review existing documentation
  • Review specific security requirements
Day 3–6
  • Deliver the solution as confirmed within the planning and discovery stages
  • Assess progress and refine the solution (up to two iterations)
Day 7
  • Deploy into production environment
  • Deliver training how to use the BI Report
  • Schedule follow-up session



Analytics, Application or Automation Delivery Packs


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Buy any 2 Power Platform Delivery Packs:

£9,900 - Save 10%

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Buy all 3 Power Platform Delivery Packs:

£13,200 - Save 20%

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*Prices exclude VAT.

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