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Business Numbers

Business Numbers (NGNs) give your local business a national identity.
80% of all business communications take place over the phone

Go national 

Whether you’re looking for a landline presence, a non-geographical number or simply a memorable number which you can use to market your business, a numbers service provides a perfect solution.

Our numbers service allows your business to move beyond a localised presence and ‘go big’. If you want to have a national presence, our numbers service will open these doors.

What is a Business Number? 

Business Numbers, or NGN (non-geographic number) are numbers that do not have area codes.

The numbers are stored in the cloud, and managed through a cloud portal.

They’re used by thousands of businesses, who benefit from a range of useful features not available with standard fixed numbers.

Business Number Options 

 0800/0808 – free-to-caller. you pay the call cost, and callers can ring free from a landline, mobile or payphone

03 numbers -
local-rate number. with callers charged a lowered local rate from a landline or mobile.

0845 numbers
: premium-rate number , with callers charged by the minute.or a different location

Benefits of Business Numbers


NGNs can easily be tracked, so they can be assigned to specific sales or marketing campaigns to help track success.


By scheduling diverts, you can route calls to different destination numbers depending on the time of day, or the location of the caller.

Ease of Use 

For organisations with multiple offices, there are advantages to having a single national phone number

National Coverage

Using a NGN helps you market your organisation beyond the local region in which you're based.

Disaster Recovery

If there's a fault, or you're unable to access your premises, NGNs can be redirected to alternative devices, including mobile, or a different location.

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