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Teams Voice  

A voice solution that integrates with Teams, unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, and email for an all-in-one communication solution.
80% of business communication takes place over the phone
45 minutes per week are saved by firstline workers collaborating with colleagues
4 hours per week are saved by information workers through improved collaboration and information sharing

What is Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams Voice (or Microsoft 365 Voice) is a cloud-based phone system that is designed as an add-on for Microsoft 365 - essentially, this is a phone system that can be accessed from your mobile, computer, or desk phone, adding more flexibility and availability when it comes to communications within your business.

By using a cloud-based platform, you’re able to eliminate the need for expensive hardware such as static desk phones, instead replacing them with mobile apps or desktop dashboards that are easier to manage and access, particularly when working remotely.

Key Features*

Teams Voice’s impressive array of features includes all of the following:

  • Phone Numbers - including number porting and direct dial numbers
  • Internal Calling and Group Calling - internal call transfer; auto attendants 
  • Text-to-Speech for auto attendants
  • Users Voicemail - Voicemail transcription, voicemail to email 
  • Call Forwarding - User controlled call forwarding 
  • Presence Based Routing - Forwarding calls when you're unavailable
  • Audio Conferencing - International audio conferencing; video conferencing
  • Queues - Routing options, customised music on hold 
  • Dashboards - General usage information 

*Features vary according to option selected, for full details speak to one of our knowledgeable team.

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Can You Still Use Your Existing Phone Numbers?

Simply put, yes you can! You’ll be able to keep existing main phone numbers and direct dial numbers with minimal fuss involved - it’s a standard part of the changeover process. By being able to keep these same numbers, you won’t lose touch with any existing contacts, nor will you have to spend time, money and resources getting your ‘new number’ out to your people, customers and other stakeholders. This added flexibility makes it the perfect partner for the modern workforce who aren’t strictly based in one location but still need to be kept in the loop with communication and collaboration.

Do You Have To Use A Desk Phone?

No, you don’t have to use a desk phone when operating through Teams Voice - there are many different ways to use the service, so you can choose to use the option that works best for you. Many users prefer to use the mobile app that Teams Voice offers, as this means they only ever need to have their mobile phone available to be contacted in both a work and personal capacity. While this may sound alarming at first, don’t worry! You can set predetermined work hours for the app to be active, outside of which you will not be notified of any work-related calls until the following day’s work hours.

Can You Still Conference Call?

Of course! Conference calling is a huge part of modern office communication, so you need to ensure that all people always have access to it. Teams Voice offers an audio conference license that comes with a range of handy features including call recording and transcribing within Microsoft Stream.collaboration.

Will I Need a Separate License?

Each user will require their own individual license when using the platform; this license gives the user access to their own direct dial number and the ability to join or be added into group calls. In addition to this, each user with a license is added to the auto attendant, meaning they can be found by dialling the main company number and stating their name to the auto-attendant - this will forward the call directly to the correct user without any human interference.

Choosing Your Microsoft Teams Voice Solution

Teams Voice

Teams Voice uses the Direct Routing method and allows you to link phone calls from the telephone network to your Teams platform and uses the native Telephony features built into Teams to serve calls up to your users.

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Teams Voice Plus

Teams Voice Plus uses our Cloud Voice platform and allows you to add more "PBX" features compared to Teams Voice, including a wider range of handsets, call recording, CTI integration and better reporting for your management.

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Teams Voice Premium

Teams Voice Premium allows you to add contact centre functionality to Teams Voice Plus. Provides a conjoined experience for front and back office contact centre agents. Perfect for organisations who want to make it easier for customers to engage with them.

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