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Data Protect for Microsoft 365 

Protect your data and reduce your costs on inactive accounts.

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"Too many organisations only check backups in severe weather when more realistically the outage can happen at any time due to human error"

Accidentally deleting data is one of the most common causes for business data loss.

In the cloud and in collaboration apps, users can easily delete a project by mistake or overwrite their work through the auto-save functions. 

Furthermore, Microsoft recommends 3rd party backup as the only way to recover from data loss associated with ransomware encryption.  Often the cyber agent will encrypt your data in a way that you cannot use the Microsoft integrated File History or System Protection backups. 

A back-up solution is the best way to ensure you can recover information. Plus, you can save up to 95% on your Microsoft 365 licence costs by choosing Chess Data Protect. For only £1.25 per user per month you can back up the data from SaaS applications, helping you to reduce your costs in the time of crisis. 

What is Chess Data Protect for Microsoft 365?  

Data Protect for Microsoft 365, powered by Datto, is a cloud-to-cloud backup product offering an all in-one backup, restore and export solution that covers Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams. It ensures that businesses can access, control, and most importantly protect the data that employees entrust to the cloud. 

Why do you need Chess Data Protect for Microsoft 365? 

While Microsoft 365 does include primitive restore capabilities for lost data, two major issues arise when using their tools: lost data and lost time. Therefore, an independent data backup separated from the app itself is necessary to avoid the most common data loss pitfalls. 

Key Benefits of Data Protect for Microsoft 365 


Cut Costs for Departed Employees Icon
Cut Costs for Departed Employees 

Eliminate unnecessary licence fees for departed employees by storing app data in this private cloud. 

Unlimited Data Storage Icon
Unlimited Data Storage 

Store unlimited data in the product’s private cloud, purpose built for backup at no additional cost. 

Automatic Backups Icon
Automatic Backups  

Automatic daily backups for Microsoft 365’s Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint. 

Reduce your costs 

Eliminate unnecessary licence fees for departed employees by storing data in the product’s private cloud. In the case of staff furloughs you have two options: to keep the licences active and continue paying monthly fees, or to deprovision them and back up the data. Eliminate unnecessary licence fees for departed employees by storing data in the product’s private cloud. 

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What does Chess Data Protect back up? 

With Data Protect for Microsoft 365 you can restore and export data backed up from Exchange Online, OneDrive SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams. 



All emails, attachments,
notes and folder structure. 


Events (including recurrence, attendees, notes), attachments & any calendars owned by users. 


All contact information excluding photos.

One Drive

All files (including One Note) and folders with file structure intact. 

Microsoft Teams

Files, conversations and calendar meetings in Microsoft Teams public channels. 


Custom generic site lists, folder structure, document libraries & sets, site assets, templates & pages.

Are disgruntled employees a danger to your business data? 

People often delete data before they quit their role if they suspect they are going to be fired, or to spite a boss or co-worker they are angry at. According to Egress, 61% of IT leaders believe employees have put sensitive company data at risk maliciously in the last 12 months. 



 ​Time Retention ​Chess Data Protect for Microsoft 365 


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Infinite Cloud Retention ​Chess Data Protect for Microsoft 365 


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*Per user per month. All prices exclude VAT.



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