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Public Cloud

Public Cloud services are fast, flexible and scalable and
are revolutionising how we do business.

The Power of the Cloud.

Using public cloud services saves on the cost of purchasing, managing and maintaining on-premises hardware and application infrastructure.

You pay only for what you need and scale up and down according to your business needs, while freeing up your in-house IT resource teams to focus on business-critical projects.

Features of Public Cloud

High Availability
keep services up and running with little downtime

Scalability/ Elasticity
increase or decrease resources as you need, or automatically

react quickly, with services available on-demand via self-service

Fault tolerance
remain up and running even in the event of a component or service failure

Disaster Recovery 
recover quickly with automation and readily available services

Global Reach
reach customers anywhere in the world 

Customer Latency Capabilities
resources can be deployed in datacenters around the globe

Predictive Costs
costs for individual services allow you know costs now and in the future

Technical Skill Requirements
less resource required than having in-house IT build and maintain physical infrastructure


Benefits of Public Cloud

Time Saving 

Your cloud service provider is responsible for data centre management and maintenance, so operating systems and servers are quickly accessible, and lead times in testing and deploying new products can be significantly reduced.

Cost Saving

Hardware requirements are reduced, along with energy bills and the office space needed for on-premises equipment.  Your infrastructure spend changes from capital expense (CapEx) to operating expense (OpEx), and there are no maintenance or update costs to consider.


Pay as you go pricing, with no expenditure on unused resource. Scale up or down with ease, accessing additional compute capacity only when required, and for as long as required.

Free up IT Resource

Your in-house IT resource has more time to focus on business critical projects, value delivery and driving the new innovations that keep your customers happy and your business ahead of the competition.

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