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A unique billing system with unlimited capabilities and integrated products all from a single portal

A Fully Branded, Secure, Online Billing platform with reporting and support

i-Bill is a unique e-billing solution. It provides a web-based portal which is where you add and maintain your customer database and can view all customer information, plus it can also be used as a CRM database.

We also provide an interface that is a white labelled end-user interface for your customers' web billing. i-Bill is about putting you, our Partner in control.

It's web-hosted, so you have full access and control without the headaches of data integrity, backups and disaster recovery - we do all that for you.

Why Choose i-Bill?

You are able to add or amend details on customers’ accounts, create instant invoices and add recurring monthly charges. You can change tariffs, addresses and Direct Debit details, move or remove numbers and change customers’ account settings. We can also offer CPS from all major carriers, we offer competitive rates and have an auto-provisioning engine which means you only add your CLI onto the portal, which is then added to the billing platform and sent to the carrier on your behalf.



The set-up is easy via our Implementation team who assist you and provide comprehensive training, ensuring the on-boarding process is quick and efficient.

We provide you with web-based training on our products. You can choose to manage this in-house or opt for the assisted administration packages.


You are able to produce invoices in your own brand, logo and style. The platform lets you raise invoices daily, weekly and monthly from manual input or automatic data feeds.

You can authorise Direct Debit collections, raise commission statements and margin reports for your dealers or agents.


Choosing to work with us means you are able to put your trust in us to manage the production of your invoices, order your products and assist in their delivery.

We also make sure your cash is safe, secure and collected promptly. We are 100% committed to high levels of service, delivery and accuracy to the Partner community.

i-Bill Key Features

Account Details 

You are able to add or amend details on customers’ accounts, create instant invoices and add recurring monthly charges. You can change tariffs, addresses and Direct Debit details, move or remove numbers and also change customers’ account settings.


Our alerts show irregular call traffic and simultaneously send emails or SMS to the customer and to you during the billing process to advise on expensive or unusual call traffic activity. This provides the best opportunity to control any potential problems or any financial exposure.


Your logo and colour scheme are added to the customer-facing portal and your customers gain access via your website.


Our interface is accessible via a portal. Your customer has access to the customer-facing interface at any time. CDR data is uploaded daily, giving your customer fast access to their up-todate billing information. All this data is held on a secure web server and is accessible 24 hours a day. The customer facing interface will give copy invoices, itemisation, graphical information, bar-charts, top ten analysis and the ability to download raw data in .CSV format. All information supplied is white labelled.


CDRs are downloaded 365 days a year, daily or twice daily depending on the carrier. We rate these at your cost price and upload them onto the portal. We simultaneously rate them at your customer rates and load them onto the customers’ account. Through the frequent collection of CDRs, we minimise the month-end impact on you and manage any missing CLIs allowing daily detection of pricing or routing anomalies.


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