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Chess Insurance

Adding Value To Your Mobile Proposition

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Peace of Mind for Partners and for Customers

We’ve partnered with one of the leading mobile insurance providers in the UK, Pier Insurance, to bring you our new insurance solution. 


​Partner Benefits

Simple – online, paperless sign up system for your customers.

Increased Revenue – A straightforward commission structure paid monthly in arrears and opportunity to insure other devices.

Stay Ahead of the Competition – added value for your mobile proposition.

​Customer Benefits

Claim – from day one of the policy, with no limits on number of claims per month

Cover – cover for lost or stolen devices,  100% liquid damage cover

Reliable – no hidden terms and conditions

Complete Solution

✔ Flexible Plan Options - no minimum contracts

✔ Intuitive Online Portal - perfect for pitching at point of sale

✔ Immediate Cover - with no claim exclusion period

Chess Insurance FAQs 

Personal items are not always covered away from home. Excesses are high and each claim raises premiums the following year.

Chess Insurance premiums will not increase after you claim.  

You’ll often find that these policies have hidden charges, high excesses and a far lower level of cover.  

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