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Bulk buying power

All major network providers available with a range of flexible and bespoke packages

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Cost effective

Integrate with your lines and data solution for greater savings, also include free calls to Chess landlines

Great features

Network exclusive business grade features available on selected tariffs

We also supply handsets from the following manufacturers

Achieve true mobility by giving your employee the ability to work anywhere

Connect your machines and data and have your information move freely between your people

More responsive

More coverage means employees are always in touch. Your employees can work anywhere and have constant communication with you and also your customers. Our choices of fast network connection can certainly boost work efficiencies of your employees

Future proof solution

From SIM only solution to unified communication, we have the tailored mobile solutions for your business. Our bespoke solution can also adapt to your business and evolve according to your changing needs

Reduce costs

With a wide range of packages to choose from, your business can save significant costs from our converged solution. Our consultation services can help your business work smarter and also reduce your overall IT spend. You can also benefit from our bulk buying power as we pass the savings directly to our customers

Our networks

We offer a range of handsets and tariffs, which all comes with FREE calls from your Chess landline to your Chess Business mobile