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From only £1.99 pcm - protects you from BT Openreach engineering charges
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Faults caused by the line or equipment in your premises can result in you having to call out BT Openreach who will charge a fee of up to £205 +VAT. Every month thousands of businesses pay BT Openreach call out charges when faults are caused by their own equipment or wiring.

Our line assurance plans:

Protect you from engineering charges

Engineer charges cost between £145 and £205 depending on day of the week

Covers Additional Engineer charges

Each additional hour of work carried out by an engineer is charged at between £60 and £120 p/hour

Did you know?

Every year


40% of businesses experience some
form of telephone fault

With Chess Line assurance Chess covers the cost of all BT Openreach call out charges*, giving you piece of mind at an incredibly reasonable price:

  • Single Analogue – only £1.99 pcm
  • Multi Analogue – only £3.99 pcm
  • ISDN2 – only £3.99 pcm
  • ISDN30 – only £5.99 pcm

* Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Terms and Conditions.

I’m just a small Sole Trader but was treated with dignity and respect when I had an issue. It didn’t involve great amounts of money or anything earth shattering but was important to me. After only one phone call it was important to Chess and dealt with promptly and to my satisfaction. Highly recommend these guys.

John Sage

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