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By opting out you’re at risk of exposing your data. Are you sure?

Don’t bury your head in the sand – be informed, stay secure, save money.

The average annual cost of cyber crime for businesses is estimated at approximately £15.3k per victim. Keep one step ahead of cyber criminals with Dark Web Monitor, which scans the dark web and informs you if your data is at risk.

As part of this free 30-day trial of our new Dark Web Monitor service in June 2023 you will:
  • Get an alert every time sensitive data is found by our Dark Web Monitor enhanced search of the dark web.
  • Get a monthly report summarising findings.
  • Get advice on how to resolve the issues and take action to protect your business.
  • Get access to our dedicated Dark Web Monitor Security Support Hub.

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You can no longer opt out of the Dark Web Monitor Service Upgrade using this form.

You can cancel this service by emailing