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Work Securely, Anywhere, Anytime

Following on from the acquisition of Armadillo by Chess in August 2021, Chess have continued to build upon the cyber capability Armadillo deliver and offer a consultative service to assist our customers.

At Chess we work with our customers to help them demystify, prioritise, and remediate the findings of penetration tests and security assessments.

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits of Chess Cyber Consultancy include:


Faster and increased security measures

Assisting customers who do not have the time or capability to manage remediations required from pen test and security assessments.

Eliminate blind spots and gain control

Specialist advice across your entire infrastructure, from mobile to web apps.

Simplifying Security

Demystify, prioritise, and remediate the findings from often complex security assessments and reports.

How Chess Can Help You Protect Your Data

The following illustrates typical findings that customers seek our help with:

Patch Management

Chess offer assistance in setting up patch management for Microsoft products in your environment; and can assist in implementing and rolling out an application patch management strategy for your organisation be it via automation or selecting a 3rd party most suited to your environment.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Chess can advise on available MFA solutions (often covered under your existing licensing agreements) and will assist with scoping, planning and implementing a solution, minimising disruption to your organisation.


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Phishing / Cyber Awareness Training

Chess have a fully featured Phishing Simulation, Awareness and Training platform (KnowBe4) that will help you to continuously train your users on how to spot Phishing emails.



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Web Application Vulnerabilities

Advice on security measures that can help to reduce attack surface, making recommendations on how to eliminate vulnerability exploitation (XSS, SQL, etc) in your codebase or platform.

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Application Security

Securing your applications is more important than ever in the cloud-first era, fortunately Chess have qualified specialists skilled at both IaaS, PaaS and on-premises application security solutions and can help you chose the right one for you.

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Endpoint Security

Chess have years of experience with end-point security and have teams of specialists that can advise on every aspect across multiple platforms, whether this is via your current platform or an alternative that can offer you a greater level of protection.

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Cloud Security – IaaS/PaaS

Review and resolve IaaS issues identified in the pen test though consultancy with our cloud certified engineers.

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Mobile Device Security / Compliance

Chess are specialists in Mobile Device Management and if you have not already implemented MDM, this is an excellent opportunity to gain confidence, control and visibility in the state of your mobile device estate.

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Book a Free Consultation

If you would like a free consultation with a Chess Cyber Security consultant to discuss the areas above or any other areas highlighted by a penetration test, please fill out the form and one of our advisors will contact you to discuss your requirements.    


*Please note that Armadillo Cyber Security Services operate independently in their penetration testing. As such, Chess have no visibility of confidential penetration or vulnerability test results and sharing such information with Chess is purely at the client's discretion.