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Unlock the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business in just one day.

Because it’s hosted securely in the cloud and delivered to your business online, you’ll be up and running in seconds. So you can start tackling your pain points tomorrow, instead of waiting weeks or even months for IT to install your new system. Plus, with free training and support, you can empower your users until they are fluent and confident.


  • One predictable fixed price
  • Pay only per user, per month
  • Up and running same day

CRM for Sales

Easily create accurate reports and forecasts, measure progress and execute great sales campaigns; from lead through to order.

CRM for Marketing

Effectively query, analyse and report on customers, deliver winning campaigns and establish a single authoritative customer view.

CRM for Operations

Improve customer service quality and automate time-consuming manual tasks.  Manage support contracts, SLAs, KPIs and more.

Better Decision Making

Make decisions with confidence based on a single authoritative view of your customers and business data. Plus, get access to better reporting, forecasting tools and progress against company goals; all with the click of a mouse

Build a Single Customer View

Create a consistent company-wide source of sales, finance and marketing information that’s the go-to place for the whole business. Improve customer communication and collaboration with CRM in a Day, and start building the kind of relationship with your customers you have always dreamed of.

Get Social With Customers

Harness the power of social media by blending insights from social networks with your traditional customer information. Use Microsoft Social Insights to see what customers are saying about you, and where. Plus, track your share of voice amongst your competitors, and see your customer’s Tweets alongside their information in CRM.

Grow Your Business

Save time on reporting, improve your marketing efforts and empower your sales teams with real-time insights they can access and act on with ease. All yours within 24 hours, for the price of a cup of coffee per user, per day.

Be Truly Mobile

Harness the power of the cloud and take the your CRM anywhere: it’s easy to access on your smartphone and tablet as well as in the office. Whether checking a customer record before an important meeting or accessing your reports from a beach in Bermuda, CRM is with you wherever you go.

We understand how important communication is to your business and this is why we aim to respond to your enquiries and fix any problems as soon as possible.  We also have a dedicated team of experts who are extensively trained – providing you technical support whenever you need it.



I’m just a small Sole Trader but was treated with dignity and respect when I had an issue. It didn’t involve great amounts of money or anything earth shattering but was important to me. After only one phone call it was important to Chess and dealt with promptly and to my satisfaction. Highly recommend these guys.

John Sage

Sales and Advice

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