Fraud Monitor

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Fraud monitor

What’s included?

  • Highlight any potential frauds
  • 24/7 monitoring of call activity
  • Protection for your business
  • Regular email updates on fraudulent activity
  • Statistical updates
  • Tips & advice to combat fraud

Most people will be able to relate to the experience of opening a phone bill that drew a sharp intake of breath. But what if it contains calls that rack up into the thousands?

Telephone fraud is increasing with customers falling victim to hackers out to make money.

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Safeguard your business

24/7 monitoring of call activity

Combat fraud pro-actively

How does fraud happen?

Hackers try to gain access to your telecom network and route calls illegally. This can result in a large amount of calls to revenue generating 08 numbers – all at your expense.



What do we do?

With Fraud Monitor your calls will be monitored 24/7 by our dedicated system. We will contact you immediately when we spot any suspicious activity, whilst setting up a call barring service to stop any further charges.



Moved my telephone line and broadband connection over to Chess from BT. They are so much cheaper!!! The process to switch was easy and they did it all for me… It’s refreshing to deal with a reliable and trustworthy telecoms company – would recommend to anyone.

Helen L.

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