We use the Internet all the time now. We have wearables, smartphones, tablets and laptops. We depend on these services to run our businesses, to work and communicate, to play and to learn.

Computer security can seem complicated and best left to the experts. But this is exactly what cyber criminals hope we will think. Those of us who don’t know or don’t employ good cybersecurity behaviours are more attractive targets for cyber criminals. This is the last thing that you want when trying to run a successful business, so it is important to limit the opportunities of hackers.

Chess’ CyberSecurity experts have created a free end-user Cyber Security Awareness Training Toolkit to give you the knowledge and assets to launch a training program today. The Toolkit focuses on the little steps we can all take to significantly reduce our exposure to cyber threats, offering security best practice tips in the following areas:

Social engineering

- Passwords

- Multi-factor authentication

- Social Media

- Smart phone and devices

- Email

- Public Wi-Fi

- Remote working

- App health

- Physical environment

The Tool Kit sets out a cybersecurity roll-out plan to help you and your people to protect your business. It provides you with an initial roll-out plan so you can begin implementing your cyber security strategy, and also includes a cyber security handbook, four educational videos and rounds off with a quiz to gauge your knowledge. Also included are cyber security posters for you to print and display and a set of cyber security email templates. At the end of the course you’ll be awarded a certificate of achievement.


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