Chess is proud of the long-lasting relationships we’ve built with the leading networks in the country. At our conference, we successfully gathered three of the top 5G experts from O2, Vodafone and EE to discuss the innovations within our industry.

Considering how much attention from the press 5G has gathered, it is thought to be the true game changer in a variety of sub technology sectors. IoT and cloud services are expected to be greatly influenced by this improved connectivity. However, an interesting observation from one of the top tech experts, Peter Cochrane, is that such devices would never connect to the network. Instead, they would directly speak to one another.

Furthermore, what we also learned at the conference is that the building of the 5G infrastructure should not be the prime priority for networks. While it is the future of connectivity, it is also not the commercialised enough to bring the dividends everyone expects from it straight away.

According to Howard Jones, EE, “if we focus entirely on 5G’s infrastructure, the impact on the UK economy is massive”. He continues, “it is about UK’s digital infrastructure going into a halt and what that means to businesses staying in the UK, especially post if, it ever happens, Brexit.”

Concerns about the security of personal data have also been raised. This greater connectivity can let us give up more information than ever. “Growth, innovation, progress will muffle this issue,” says Ant Morse.

In the past, the UK’s networks could not provide a satisfactory experience that customers were looking for on their mobiles. Many of the applications could not function to their full potential. However, 4G allowed for the discrepancy to be removed. This is probably the reason why more than half of business leaders think that 5G would enable very few things that 4G already hasn't for their company.

Peter Rodriguez reminds us, however, that “we are at the beginning of a journey with 5G now and it will be a game changer.” He expects digital convergence in areas we do not necessarily utilise as much nowadays, including VR and AI. “It is only the start of the change for us”, confirms Ant Morse.

On the other hand, the governments’ plan of rural coverage causes certain disapproval among the networks. Among the issues the experts stress on is the planning permissions that need to be obtained, as well as the expense justifications. ‘We deploy extra capacity into our network on almost day by day basis to cope with growing demand,’ says Howard Jones, EE.


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