The Cloud market is growing faster than ever before as businesses across the country are adapting to a secure way of working.

‘Cloud’ is such a buzz word now, although this isn’t just for enterprise businesses, SMBs are becoming more aware of how Cloud can impact their business. Microsoft and Apple were the main drivers and now others are following suit.


Let’s dispel the myths:

Myth one: It’s not secure - The truth is cloud based security is now ranked as one of the best ways to store your important information. Just as we have seen paper copies become a thing of the past, it is now becoming less common to electronically store information on a hard drive.

Myth two: My connection’s not fast enough – Working via the Cloud is just as fast as connecting to the internet. Seamless connection at the click of a button.

Businesses are looking at agility and speed to market to improve their performance. The move for enterprises was easier as often they have a strategic development team to implement the changes. What SMBs should be looking for are experienced partners to guide them in the right direction, who support and drive positive business implementations such as moving to a Cloud based solution. 


The ability to drive business efficiently using Cloud is phenomenal. There are huge advantages in having the highest level of security and being in being able to have a fully managed environment that is up to date and is aligned to millennials.

Millennials expect to be able to work anytime anywhere, the only way you can do that is to have a Cloud infrastructure.

People have been using the Cloud for years without knowing it. Twitter for example is hosted in the Cloud.

If you’re using the Cloud to its full extent, you can get business intelligence with streamlined flow and automisation. New aged thinking is taking over.

Everything now needs to be secure, adopting Cloud gives you that security, you’d never be able to build that security yourself.

Want to learn more? Watch our video with Cloud specialist Paul Gibbons.