The Dual SIM which was released in December 2018 by EE, allows you to have one physical device and one physical SIM card, but two numbers, launched only on the newest iPhone models (including XR, XS and XS Max).


So, how does it work?

The second number will be put on the device by using an eSIM card which has a scanable QR code instead of a physical SIM.


The Dual Sim comes with lots of benefits.

  • Easy management of two lines
  • An unlimited calls and text allowance for both lines
  • The handset plan Data Allowance is automatically shared across both lines
  • Plans start from just £7.50 extra per month


The eSIM is perfect for working professionals as it means doing away with multiple devices. Work-life balance is easily manageable as easy call routing is an option, meaning you won’t receive unwanted work calls while on the beach.




Will both lines allow me to make calls, texts and have a data allowance?

Yes, calls, SMS and iMessage can be used simply from each number. The settings menu manages each lines data, making it easy to switch.


Will the secondary line will be available to both business and consumer customers?



How does call forwarding work when I don’t want one of my numbers to be live?

Calls can be diverted straight to voicemail from either line from within the phone settings.


Can I iMessage and FaceTime on both lines?

iMessage and FaceTime can only be used on one line. This is set up during initial set up but can be changed in the settings.


How will I know which line a call or message is coming from?

A clear indicator icon will show below each contact.


If you want to learn more about the Dual SIM you can call us on 0808 1155 814 or email us.