Now is a good time to start to plan for when and how you will proceed to avoid the stampede that will come nearer the time.

Connectivity - FTTP is your best connection

Whilst there may be a number of other products released between now and 2023 (SOGEA, GFAST etc.,) it is clear that Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) will be your best bet to replace your connectivity. Fibre is extremely reliable and fast and provides a solid backbone to carry your business communications over. Our advice is to wait for fibre if it’s coming to your area. We will be in touch to let you know when it is and have a great range of well-priced options. Our Ultimate Guide

Phone System - Install SIP or move to Hosted Voice

Running SIP to your phone system or installing a hosted voice system are still the best options to get access to the features you need to allow your business to work from anywhere. These technologies are well proven and all the processes to port you from WLR to the cloud already exist. If your system doesn’t support SIP and you want to keep it we can provide a gateway that allows translation from the old world to the new.  More about SIP.

 Analogue lines - Wait until next year before deciding

There are a range of products coming that replace the single analogue lines that many small businesses rely on day to day. In essence these will be a cut down version of hosted voice with many of the features you could have disabled. Our advice is to wait until 2021 if you want one of these, as any technology introduced now will need to bed-in before you should consider running your business on it. We expect there to be some issues with support for legacy devices such as Epos or services such as Redcare. Now might be a good time to consider an upgrade to hosted voice.

Your Hosted Voice Buyers Guide.

How we can help

  • Consult - Our experts help you to understand your business problems and draw up your plan.
  • Deliver - Our pro services teams help you install a wide range of technical solutions.
  • Adopt - Our training services help your people to adopt new technology quickly to increase performance and ROI.
  • Support - Our managed support teams help you when things go wrong, or you need more resource.

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