The UK Cloud PBX market is set to grow to 4 million seats in the next four years. Currently 50 thousand seats are sold every month, so we want to help you make the most out of this opportunity. We summarised six tips to help you increase your sales, generate more revenue and grow your customer base.


Improve Your Audience Targeting and Focus on Vertical Marketing

One of the most crucial aspects of selling Cloud PBX is knowing your customers. Imagine yourself in their position, how and why they would benefit from Hosted VoIP, and use this in your communication with them. Focus on your existing customer base to get the information you need or analyse the market through online forums.

Another strategy would be to focus on a niche market segment. In this case, you can specialise in serving a specific industry such as healthcare, care homes, legal or education. Each of those sectors would require different Cloud PBX features and a different approach to the service. By doing that you can ensure you are providing the best advice and service to your clients, while at the same time gaining industry experts’ reputation.

Some of the segments with biggest seats count are legal, accounting, consulting and engineering. In example, PwC, one of the largest consulting companies, already ditched landlines and use predominantly mobile phones. When such corporate giants are making the move, smaller businesses will soon follow and rely on mobile and hosted VoIP.


Know the Product

Understanding the concept and the importance of cloud telephony is crucial for improving your sales. With BT’s ISDN network phased out, hosted VoIP is the future. The costs associated with Cloud PBX are noticeably lower. Without the need for lump sum payments for instalment or maintenance, the return on investment is much higher compared to the conventional solution. Also, additional seats are easily added or removed depending on the changing nature of the business. Finally, Cloud PBX providers update the service, hence companies always get the latest version of the technology.


Answer Security Concerns

Your provider will be responsible for the security of the Cloud PBX and they will maintain the service. Our Cloud PBX is TÜV-tested and approved. Also, since your system is not on your premises, in the event of a natural disaster, your phone system will continue to work.

However, there are certain security measures a business can undertake to ensure they are safe from cyber-attacks. Some of the weak points in a business can be weak passwords. A wise decision for any company would be to be penetration tested. This way they can ensure they know about and target the identified problems.


Focus on Mobility

The modern workforce is becoming more mobile and businesses more flexible. The expensive traditional solutions are no longer a viable option, especially for small companies. Use this to your advantage and emphasise this feature. The biggest benefit of Cloud PBX that attracts most companies is that employees can work from anywhere in the world. Employees can even use their mobiles and log in the mobile app. This flexibility results in better productivity, higher morale, and even improved talent retention.


Utilise Social Media

The power of social media is boundless, and you can use it to improve your brand image, business profile and overall reputation. Use social media to show your knowledge and understanding of the product instead of only to push and announce promotions. Don’t forget to engage with your followers. By consistently spending up to an hour daily you can successfully utilise social media to drive new business.


Keep an eye on industry publications

Ensure your product knowledge is up to date by talking to your business development manager your Cloud PBX supplier has allocated for you.  However, another way to stay ahead of the competition is to keep an eye on relevant industry publications. Telecommunications is a fast-paced industry, and while Hosted VoIP has been around for a while, you can learn a lot by industry specialists’ interviews and other resellers’ success stories.


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